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How cholesterol is responsible for heart related problems?

June 27, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 590

This article gives complete information on how cholesterol is responsible for heart related problems. Consuming excess fat may not always result in high cholestrol. Cholesterol level of a fat person may be normal while that of a slim person may be high.



Heart attacks or heart related problems depend upon a number of factors like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol , diabetes, smoking, heredity, mental pressure, stress etc. If one could keep himself or herself away from these problems then heart related problems could be easily avoided. Now let us a look how cholesterol is responsible for coronary artery diseases.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a soft fatty substance produced by the liver. It is found in the human body together with triglyceride and phospholine. Now the question is can we live without cholesterol? No, we cannot because it is needed by the body to perform different functions. First, it helps in the formation of cell membrane. In fact, it is responsible for the formation of membranes of all the smaller cells within the body. Second, it is also required in the formation of steroids. Third it is also required for the formation of bile salts of the gall bladder.

Fatty acids like triglyceride also exist together with cholesterol. If this triglyceride is not hydrolyzed then we will not get the required energy. Whatever we eat, forty percent of the calorie we get from fats. These fats get hydrolyzed to process energy to different parts of the body. After the preparation of cell membrane it goes to the periphery. Hence it can be concluded that it helps in the process of preparation of cell membranes within our body.

Types of cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol. One is good and the other one is bad. Good cholesterol is high density lipoprotein or HDL and bad cholesterol is low density lipoprotein or LDL. When the LDL cholesterol becomes higher then the problems start. This is very complex to understand. Still now it is not understood why this occurs in some arteries. This actually results in the narrowing of the coronary artery. It is understood that consumption of excess fat may not always result in excess cholesterol. When the level of cholesterol is measured a fat person may have a normal level of cholesterol whereas a slim person may have more than normal level of cholesterol.

Reason for increase in cholesterol

There are many reasons associated with the increase of cholesterol. Reasons include renal failure, smoking, diabetes, hypothyroid etc. Sometimes cholesterol solidifies into stones.

How cholesterol affects coronary artery?

All the harmful affects of cholesterol are not seen at one place. One may come across that a particular place of an artery has been affected. This is so because the fats get deposited on the inner layer of the artery. This results in the narrowing of an artery and the free circulation of blood gets disturbed. Since the natural circulation of blood gets disturbed one may come across a number of problems like ache in the chest, problems in respiration etc. Then this is called in medical term as coronary artery disease.

Which foods to avoid?

Now, let us check the foods that we need to avoid. We need to avoid red meat and can have it once in a month in small quantity. The yellow part of the egg should be avoided. We also need to avoid saturated oils, means those oil which solidifies in winter, like ghee, vanaspati etc. Besides, we also need to avoid butter, cheese, pastries, ice-creams, nuts, honey, creamy milk, coconut etc. We need to avoid these because these deposits excess fats in our body. Smoking also increases cholesterol. Fast foods, pizzas, alcohol should be stopped at once. There are people who consume more than one egg at a time, then there are people who avoids green vegetables and only likes to eat meats. Thoughts like these should be changed at once or else one may be at the danger level. Moreover, one also needs to avoid oily food. Foods should be cooked in less oil for better health. Those who are non-vegetarian could consume fish as much as possible. Eat the white part of the egg because it is healthy to eat. One can drink skimmed milk. One can also consume curd made from skimmed milk.

Tasty foods contain fats and therefore one need to avoid it as much as possible. If one does so there will be very less chance to get affected with coronary artery disease. It will also save a lot of money because the minimum cost now for angioplasty is around rupees two lakhs. Even bypass surgery costs around three lakhs of rupees. The medicines that need to be consumed regularly are also very costly. Therefore, it would be advisable to avoid those foods which harm one’s health.


In conclusion, I would like to add that there is nothing to fear that much and limit our youngsters from consuming ghee, milk, egg, butter etc. Only you need to keep in mind that these should be consumed in limits only. Cholesterol is essential for the proper growth and functioning of our body. Those who have more cholesterol in their blood need to be careful about it. To find out if everything is fine or not one need to check one’s lipid profile once in a while. Do exercise regularly, control your weight and make sure to walk a lot. Even the foods which we consume regularly if does not have the required amount of cholesterol, our body will manufacture it. Hence, check the level of cholesterol in your body to lead a healthy and happy life.

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 07/01/2012    Points:2    

I have some where read that black chocolate is good for heart. It prevents heart attacks for up to 50%. The black chocolates should contain more than 70% cocoa.

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