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Is First Impression Always the Best One? Do we Judge in Haste?

June 27, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 1096

Is First Impression Always the Best One? Do we Judge in Haste? Studies show that a first impression happens within 30 seconds. We take milliseconds to form an opinion about a person. We judge people by their looks, clothes, appearance and behavior. All this happens in less than a minute.


Professional trainers and speakers assert that people judge other people they meet for the first time, in less than two minutes. For some people, judging a person by first impression takes merely 30 seconds. Some people reach hasty conclusions about a person’s behavior, personality or character. They do this only based on the first impression. They think their judgments are usually right. However, this can mislead and ruin the beginning of a good friendship or acquaintance. Some other people do not decide a person’s character based on the first impression. They believe in giving a second or third chance to know the person better, before making a judgment.

First Impression not Accurate

First impressions may not always be accurate. A person may be having a bad day or be in a foul mood when he or she meets you. As a result, they may appear moody or absorbed in their own world. This may give you an impression that he or she is quite reserved or un-friendly when, in reality, the person may be quite outgoing and friendly. So, it is good to always give a second chance and not decide in a blink.

Job Interviews and First Impression

Job interviews are an exception. Employers need to meet several candidates at a time and hire at a faster pace. Hence, they may not always be able to give a second chance to all candidates. Hence, if you have to attend a job interview, especially in case of job fairs or bulk hiring; you have to appear at your best behavior and put your best foot forward. The recruiter has already seen your resume, and made a mental impression. Recruiters take 30-60 seconds on a resume. If you are a fresher, your resume will have less information. Hence, you have to be more persuasive and prove your worth.

For experienced candidates, the process is different. The recruiter has to believe that the candidate is genuinely interested in a change. Candidates need to talk about how they handled tough situations, made best decisions in stressful conditions and thus, make a good impression. All this has to happen within 10-15 minutes. Even a firm handshake is a positive sign for the HR and candidate.

Behavior and First Impression

If you appear distracted and inattentive, during a personal interaction or business meeting, people will develop a negative judgment about your character. You will come across as a careless person. Likewise, you should be looking to the person when you talk to him or her. Then again, you should not literally glare or stare but be warm. Sometimes, people look at a person’s face and make a judgment. If someone comes to work with a beard and unkempt hair, they appear ‘lazy’. Thus, we decide very hastily and make judgments in a split of a second.

On the whole, it is best to give a person a second chance before making a judgement about him or her. Maybe it is not possible in a hiring process but in other cases, a person surely deserves another chance. If you are dating someone, you may want to meet him/her few more times before making a decision.

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 07/01/2012    Points:2    

No, first impression is not always the best one. We can not judge the person by just seeing or interacting with him for only once. We can''t also judge a person by his external appearance.

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