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Use Cinnamon for Diabetes Prevention

June 27, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 460

Cure your sugar levels with an effective alternative. Of course, you should use the medication prescribed by your doctor. Apart from that using a few home remedies like eating soaked fenugreek seeds, cinnamon and gooseberries can keep your sugar level under control.


Did you know that consuming half teaspoon of cinnamon for diabetes prevention after every five days can really make a difference to your raised body sugar levels? Diabetes, a disease name which is no more foreign concept for the human beings, targets every fourth person existing on this planet, type II diabetes being universally prevailing. Besides being an ailment that enters the human body with ease without even showing any pre-symptoms, it’s being categorized as a genetically transmitted syndrome also multiplies its rate in the society at a greater pace. If you are also one of its targets then you might be trying with each passing day to keep the sugar levels of your blood within the normal range both before and after consuming food.

Is cinnamon really an effective option?

Generally the people who are prone to the type II diabetes find it to be really hard to cope up with their raised sugar level because their hormones that provide aid to lower the sugar level seem to impede performing their job at all and opting for the regular dose injections that help to produce the insulin in the blood is mostly last alternative considered by the patients. Consequently, they attempt to control their sugar levels through the modes of exercise and healthy dietary intakes. For such people cinnamon appears to perform the task of reducing the level of insulin resistance, thus serving the ultimate purpose to drop the sugar levels almost by 24 percent.

Is it a secured alternative for all kind of patients?

Though cinnamon serves as a very handy herb for those suffering from the diabetes, you need to be really cautious if you have liver problems too. Also, consuming it in too much amount could prove to be risky so keep a firm check n the quantity you are consuming per day. Besides, be careful while purchasing a food supplement for cinnamon. Check that it has been certified by a renowned organization to assure that it is of high quality and free from the prevalence of any kind of destructive constituents.

Consult you doctor as the foremost undertaking

Though using cinnamon for diabetes prevention is approved by the researchers and it indeed proves to be really effective in serving the purpose of lessening the level of sugar in the human blood, it is always recommended to consult the doctor first before planning to devour any kind of food supplement. As every patient have varying sugar levels and respond differently to the various treatments, your doctor would be able to tell you more clearly that what exactly is suitable for your body and blood hormones.

Having known the efficiency of cinnamon for diabetes prevention, you must also be familiar with the fact that just by controlling your diet you cannot completely control your blood sugar levels; you certainly have to adopt a healthy work out routine too. Thus, by following a properly prescribed routine chart by a specialist would do a great deal in curing this hurtful disease up to a considerable extent.


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