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Two steps verification for Google Accounts

June 28, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1182

Enable two steps verification for your Google Account and make it more safe.


Google is having lots of popular products like mail, social sites, map and many more. They are quite popular so they are being used at almost whole world. So to make them protect and safe only email and password are surely not safe. We need something more protective and Google having something like that. They have introduced two steps verification protection, but not all people are following it currently. Let’s know more about two step verification sign in with more detail.

Google have recently introduced two step verification sign in for users account. All Google users need to activate this feature in their account. For that they just need to make changes in their account settings. In the settings users just need to add their mobile number. Google will send the text message on it for the verification and that number we need to verify them. They will either send that code either via text message or call.

How to implement it and how it works?

First go to this link: https://www.google.com/accounts/SmsAuthConfig

With above link you can set double step verification feature for your Google account. Just open above link and they will ask you for user name and password. After entering your Google login detail they will ask you for your mobile number for verification. On this page they have already setup the country code of your mobile number so no need to add it. If that country code is not proper you can change it. After entering your mobile number they will send you text message with verification code on that mobile number. You need to add that verification code to complete the process. They have also option to add that computer for 30 days, by selecting this option Google will only ask verification code once in 30 days.

Now it’s all done. Now whenever you try to login your above registered account with your login detail, they will ask you verification code immediately after you enter the password. That verification number will be immediately sent to your registered mobile number, so that you can instantly add that number and login into your account. See the below image, they will ask you for verification code like below.

As shown in above image, Google will ask you for verification code after you enter the password for your Google account. They will also remind you last two digit of your registered mobile number with that Account. So without that verification number you can’t enter to your account. As shown in image, they have also put option to remember your computer for 30 days. So if the computer using which you are login is reliable, then you can tick that 30 days remember box, so for next 30 days Google will not ask for verification number on that computer. This will reduce the headache of adding verification code everyday on your personal computer.

Benefit of having this feature:

This process is to make our Google account safer. Without that verification code no one will able to access our account. So this will give you more safety by default. Suppose by chance somebody hack your email and password, but without that verification number they will not able to access your Google account with that password too, as the verification code will be only sent to your mobile number not theirs. By this way, you will also able to know when someone unauthorized try to login into your Google account with you hacked password as you will receive message instantly, so that you can change your password immediately. So this is the main benefit of activating this feature which is surely safer and important.

So this is it. I guess this feature is quite important and everybody should activate it. Today, hackers have become smarter. They can easily hack passwords somehow. So this feature will help us to make our account safer. I mean as they are sending our code on our mobile, only we can access our account without any problem. So make your Google account safer with this feature. I think everybody should go for it. As Google is only asking your mobile number for security purpose, there will be no other problem.

I hope this information will be helpful to you to secure your Google account.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 07/03/2012    Points:4    

These days, all websites are offering this verification. I agree that it is a safe measure. Then again, am worried to give my primary mail in case it gets hacked too. Hence, I create a separate email id and use it for the verification process. Even Facebook has a similar verification. It also allows users to include friends to help. We can select a few friends who will get a couple of codes. We need to ask for those codes in order to verify our id.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:2    

We don''t need to give eamil address for the verification.. we need to give mobile number for that and they will sent the verification code each time when we try to login with our password for Google account.. That code we need to insert to login..

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