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About Tablet Computer

June 29, 2012  by: Ashraf Ali Khan  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.60   Views: 886

In this airticle i am going to discus complete details about Tablet Computers


A tablet computer is a portable mobile computer which is operated by touch screen instead of physical keyboard. The major type of tablet computers are Android tablet and Ipad. Almost a tablet computer is similar to a Smart phone , the major difference is its extra large size and configurations. Another way we can also call it as portable Laptop.

Advantage Of Tablet Computer :
The main advantage of a tablet computer is its extreme portability. If we take laptops they are too bulky and it occupy more space while carrying but tablet saves your space a lot. Tablet computers are great alternative for e-book readers , instead of carrying heavy books we can have 1000s of e-books in our tablet.

Its very easy to use internet from tablet computers , can browse , check mail, watch videos , use social networks from your sitting place itself. Tablets are connected to the internet by 3G and Wifi. The latest tablets are coming with LTE(4G) Technology through this can connect internet at High Speed of 100 Mbps ( Speed may differ ).

Entertainment :
Tablet computer user never get bored because we can make our tablet a entertainment pack. Can install 100s of latest 3d ,HD and other games ,can spend time in paying those addictive games , Watch lots of videos , hear music , browsing internet with high speed , chatting . Can make fun using some funny applications, there are millions of aplications available in app store both in android and ipad.

Difference Between Tablet and Desktop Computer :
Visible difference is portability and touch screen. We have to go to the desktop computer's place but Tablet computer come with us. Tablets need just low power, the operating system runs with low power itself. Normal tablets will have 4 to 12 hours battery life. Processor speed are low compare to desktops , tablets have 800mhz and 1.6ghz speed. RAM memory for a tablet will be around 256 MB to 2 GB. Nornal tablets are come with internal and external memory from 2 GB to 64 GB , but there are also tablets which runs with Windows Operating System ,its need high power processor to run a windows OS , those tablets will have 160 GB to 320 GB memory.

Uses Of a Tablet :
There are lots of things that one can do with your tablets currently and also many features and applications are upcoming. Now we can see the main things which can do from a tablet computer. Can browse Internet , use tablet as e-book reader, send email with attachments , can watch video and audio using media player , can create and edit document ( word, excel , powerpoint, pdf etc) , can use as digital photo frame and as personal assistant with alarm , remainder, calendar. Also can edit photographs. Can take photograph using Inbuild camera.

Things to Check Before Buying a Tablet Computer :
Below you can see the minimum requirements for a Quality Tablet PC,

Display : 10 inches
Touch Screen : Capacitive or Amoled Multi point touch screen
Screen Resolution : 1024 * 600
Processor Speed : 1 Ghz and Above
Memory : 32 - 64 GB
RAM Memory : 1 GB and Above
I/O Ports : USB , MINI USB , HDMI ( Which use to Output your tablet screen in Tv or other video divices)
Connectivity : Internal 3G and Wifi
Battery Life : 5 hours to 12 hours
Camera : 2 Pixel and above

Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 06/30/2012    Points:1    

I would like to own one, one day. Have you heard about the Akash tablet? it is given to students with a special rebate.
Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 07/01/2012    Points:4    

I am also planning to buy a new tablet. I think Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be the tablet of the year. It is not yet released. I am saving money to buy that tablet. I think the tablet will be released in Q3. There is no official announcement about the price of the tablet. But I think that the price may be around Rs.40,000. It is a huge amount. But I think that I can buy this tablet in the new year (2013). I like the note taking feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

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