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Google Drive Features

June 29, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.60   Views: 892

Google Drive - Upload and Share your files online more securely with Google Drive.


Google drive is another great Google product. It offers the service using which we can store our data online just like pen drive and others. Google drive is offering 5GB free storage. So you can upload free data up to 5GB. If you want more size for your Google Drive account, than you can purchase more size in reasonable prices. Online data storing is not new thing, but Google have given something good and more interesting.

We all know that there are few sites which offer same kind of facility. But let’s see about Google Drive’s features and know that how it is different from other sites.

Google Drive Features

Creating Files

Using Drive we can create different files and save it in drive using create option. This account is directly connected with Google Doc, so we can easily create different files like Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, etc. using Google Doc. Creating such files using Google Doc is quite easy, so we can directly work on them and store them in our online drive.

Upload Files

Using Upload files we can easily upload our files and folders into Google Drive from our computer. As I mentioned for free users they have only given 5GB total space for free. So we can upload files up to 5GB. For bigger size we can upgrade our drive by purchasing more space in low rate. Uploading speed and process is quite faster and easy.


As I told earlier, we can share our files quite easily. The more unique option is people can edit the same file at the same time. They can also comments on them. We can share our files using Google+ or Email Address directly. As shown in image we can choose the option about authority that user can edit it or only view it during sharing.

Can Edit : Using this option, file can be edited by people with whom we shared it.
Can Comment : Using this option, viewers can share their comment about uploaded file.
Can View : Using this option, viewers can only view the shared file.

Preview Button

Using this button, you can view/see your file in the small window as shown in below image by this option you can easily see that what exactly that file is about. You can check it out each file with all details below without opening it using this option.

File viewer

Google drive is having file viewer option, using which we can see many kind of files directly on our browser. Even if we don’t having software to view certain file on our computer, still we can see that file online with help of Google Drive!! Isn’t it amazing!? You can even see your high definition videos on it if you have uploaded them. So with help of this thing, we can open different kind of files directly on browser, no need of software to open certain files.

Files Home

We having home page of Google Drive. On this page we can put certain files which are regularly used, so that we can find them and access them more easily. We can also remove unwanted files from the home page by selecting it and by clicking on don’t show in Home from the more option. To see files which aren't available on Home we can see them from All items tab from the left side of the page.

Starred Files

Google have also provided option of marking files with star. Means we can mark certain important files with stars so that we can easily found them later. To see the files with the star, we can click on Starred tab from the left side of the page. So it is like flagging our important files so that we can found them easily later on.

Preventing Users to Download Files

Google have provided the option using which we can prevent the users to download our files. Take an example of sheet. We want to share the sheet with our friends but we can also choose this option if we don’t want that anyone download this file. So using this option we can easily prevent the downloading of the certain files. To apply this setting on certain file, we can select that particular file and click on Prevent viewers from downloading option from the more tab.


Google have provided nice function of organizing our files on Google Drive. We can create different folders for our different files and can put them in different folder as per our needed so that we can easily found them for our later work. So organizing function is also quite good and easy. To create folder or collections we can click on My Collections tab from the left side of the page and create it as per our need.


Google has also given applications for different devices to handle Google Drive more efficiently and fast. Google have given application for computer, Android phones and now they have also given application for Iphone. So with such applications we can access our Google drive files more quickly. From smart phones we can access our Google Drive account from anywhere. Google have given some great features to their smart phone application.

So this is it. I have explained almost all its features. With help of these features, you can know more about Google Drive and access more easily. I like this new product of the Google. It is surely useful for our daily work. And surely with Google Drive our files are safe, as Google is quite famous. So we can trust them for sure.

Hope this information will be helpful to you to understand Google Drive more cleanly.

Author: Nupur        
Posted Date: 07/02/2012    Points:1    

Interesting and informative article. I got all the information about Google drive. Very nice sharing.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:2    

Thanks Nupur.. I am glad that you liked the information. Surely Google Drive is the good product from the google.. If you are interested in it then here are other updates for the same product :http://www.exposeknowledge.com/kb/8386-google-drive-two-latest-announcements.aspx

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