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Google Drive: Two Latest Announcements

June 29, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Industry News  Earning $0.30   Views: 669

Google has Announced two great changes related to Google Drive.


Google have introduced Google Drive product recently. It is becoming quite popular in short time. With this lots of people have demanded few extra things related to it. As a result, now they are implementing new things over it. They have announced on 28th June about two new things related to Google Drive. As per first announcement Google Drive user can edit their files in offline mode, as per second one, Google have launched Google Drive app for Apple smart phone users.

Offline Editing in Google Drive

Google have upgraded new feature in Google Drive. As per this new feature, now users can edit in to Google documents when they are offline. They can also put comments on them. Means users can now access them offline and make changes in to them. When user will be online it will be auto synchronize with user’s account and update those changes.

User can enable offline mode from settings from their Google drive account. They can read more about it on their account page.

This new feature is quite cool. People can’t be online for all time. But with help of this feature, now users can access their files and make changes into them. Those changes will be update when users will be online. Like this way users can work out on their files when they are not online. I guess this is quite useful updates from the Google. With these new changes, Google drive will be more demanded and famous.

Google Drive for Apple devices

So far Google was only having Google drive application for computer and Android smart phones but how Google can forget about famous IOS system. Yes, now Google have launched Google Drive app for Apple devices too. So now Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch users can access their Google Drive account from application directly.

With this app, Apple device users can open their Videos, Music, Documents, PDFs and many more directly on their device. Just as per first change, they can also make changes in them when they are offline. So they can view those files on their device when they are offline too. Google have also given few additional features with this app. For blind and low vision users, they have made this app more effective. I mean those kind of people can use this app in voice over mode. So it will be great feature for such people.

Apple users can download this app directly from here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/google-drive/id507874739?mt=8

So in short Google have given quite useful updates to their Google Drive users. Mostly all apple device users will be quite excited because of these new changes. So with this new updates Google drive will be Rock. This new updates will surely raise the competition between same products.


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Google Drive: Two Latest Announcements
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