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Patience is an effective yoga exercise

June 29, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 721

Being patient is a powerful yoga exercise. Yes, it is an effective exercise for both mind and muscles. Unless you practice it daily, you cannot acquire the virtue of patience. Patience is a great yoga and is the most appreciated virtue.


Patience is a yoga exercise of muscles and mind. It needs to be practiced for a long time. Patience has to act immediately to be effective. Otherwise a burst of sudden reaction may lead to adverse results. Unless you have constant practice, by continuous and repeated exercises, you can never be patient.

Patience is a yoga for health

Practicing patience keeps you healthy. You lose your temper at traffic jams. When things go against your expectations or when you hear words not agreeable to your desire, you shout in anger. Your pressure jumps up and your heart pumps faster. Lack of patience takes toll on your health. Recent studies say that modern faster life is the main cause for the increase in cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Learn the warning signs of impatience

Lack of patience can be noticed by your heart rates, sweating palms, or by your quickening breaths. Such event may help you identify and anticipate challenges of your patience.

Practice the yoga of patience

In the modern fast lifestyle, we are losing the great values of patience. Practicing the following tips may be hard and impractical in an emotional situation. But if you have the will to practice it, you can definitely achieve it.

1) Patience is a kind of muscular exercise. Repeated practice makes muscles strong. Patience also can be acquired by constant practice.

2) Today, everything is fast. Human life is running after the moving hands of the clock. Anxiety and anger grows, when you think of “What-next?”. Thought of future moves you away from what you are doing in the present. Only patience can perform activities successfully.

3) Grab some ready-hand humor to change the emotional situation. Humor always helps to change the mood and reduce tension. Try to find a funny situation around you.

4) Gardening helps greatly practice of patience. Do some simple exercises of gardening. Plant a flower seed and care for it till it blooms. Just watching a growing plant is a good hobby for practicing this exercise.

5) Read a book till the end, without skipping pages. Overcome your temptation of rushing fast.

6) Try to spend your time in relaxed settings. It may be involving in some social activities or conversing with your friends. Social interactions are a great antidote to time pressure. Being with others makes you happier and relaxed.

7) Impatience breaks out when you impose your ideas on others. Try to think of your position if others impose their ideas on you. Try practicing acceptance.

8) Most of the time, misunderstanding and hasty judgment makes you lose your temper. When you feel such a situation, just hold some water in your mouth and think for a moment.

Unger’s Bible Dictionary defines patience as a quality of calm and unruffled temper with which the good man bears the evils of life, whether they proceed from persons or things. Patience is an essential quality for a healthy life. It is an effective yoga exercise that can be acquired by constant practice.


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