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Remote Control Helicopters

June 30, 2012  by: Ashraf Ali Khan  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 562

In todays life Remote control Airplanes and Helicopter plays a major role in outdoor entertainment amoung kids and adults . You can get great information about Remote control air toys in this article.


Nowdays its common to play with Remote Control Airplane and Helicopter Toys, remote control toys can go anywhere as long you be in range with it. You can fly you Remote Control Toys in Open Ground ,Parks , beach etc, you will get Amazing feelings and excitement while you play with RC Air Toys. One should have some skills to operate advanced Remote Control Air Toys but it is not difficult, so its better to learn Remote Control Air Toy with a basic One. Can enjoy a lot with a RC Air toys by attaching a Camera with it, camera will capture pictures and full videos while flying. Remote Control Helicopter or Airplane Sizes vary from Small to Cobra Size. You can also perform several Stunts if you are a expert. Rc Air toys are available with differnet size , price , range , configuration etc. While buying a Rc Air toy one should buy a appropriate products according to his/her needs and skills.

Types Of RC Helicopters :
RC Helicopters are two types ,Gas-fueled Rc Helicopters and Electric Power Rc Helicopters. Gas-fueled are like real Helicoptors so those helicopters are more expensive,they fly by gas or nitro , Gas helicopters can fly very longer and faster as you need more place to operate it. These type of helicopter have powerful engines so it will be little noisier also it need more maintenance.

Electric Powered Rc Helicopters are cost less in model and fuel , these helicopters have medium power brush or brushless moter so it fly quieter, its better for beginners to start with Electric Powered Remote Controlled Helicopters.

Sizes and Price :
Depends on size ,configuration ,quality and power the cost of RC helicopter differ , a quality RC helicopter price starts from $20 and aslo high powered real like RC helicopters available for $10,000. Rc helicopters available in diffrent sizes ,it start from

Sub-micro size , it will be aroung 100g weight and around 20cm rotor diameter ,these are extremly small helicopters
Micro size , weight around 500g and 50cm rotor diameter approx
Miniature Size ,weight about 1kg and 80cm rotor diameter
Small size ,2kg weight and 100cm rotor diameter
Normalsize, weight4kg and it have 150cm rotor diameter
Large size, weight 6kg & 200cm rotor diameter
Cobra size , these are extremely large which powered by gas turbines.

Difference Between RC Helicopter and RC Airplanes :
These is no major difference in internal motors and Operations , but only the external parts will differ, RC helicopers will not have a long wings which RC Airplanes have and Rc Airplanes will not have Rotating Top Blades like Rc Helicopters.

Check Before Buying RC Helicopters :
Check these thing before buying a RC Helicopter, check the warranties and Guarantees offered by the seller, check the after sales service availability and condition of the RC helicopter . Compare the model price with other sellers.

Top Rc Helicopter Models :
Below you can see the top models in Gas and Electric Powered Rc Helicopters, these are the current top model in hobby markets,
Gas models, excellent Gas fueled Rc helicopter models,
Align T-REX 700 Nitro Pro
Align T-REX 600 Nitro Pro
Electric models, these below Electric models are more suitable for beginners,
Art-Tech Falcon 3D V3
Esky Honey Bee 2
Esky Honey Bee CP3
The below Electric model is for Rc helicopter skilled experts,
Align T-REX 450
Align T-REX CF 600
Guai Hurricane 550
Guai Hurricane 425


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