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Online Earnings & Its Future.

July 01, 2012  by: Wajeeh Khan  Points: 2   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 790

Online earnings and its future. The online earning business has been around for quite a while now. It initially started with the whole freelancing concept where people with different skills joined blogs


The online earning business has been around for quite a while now. It initially started with the whole freelancing concept where people with different skills joined blogs and forums looking for people who could make use of their skills and pay them in return. Initially, a decade back, the online eraning was epitomized to just a small folk who had access to the internet, spare time and most of all, the will to participate in family's financial matters. But today, the online earning stuff has become more of a fun for people especially students. They even feel superior to their friends telling them that they can make handsome amount of money online right from the comfort of their homes.

Another thing that makes people brag about their online business is the referral system. Most of the online business available currently, involve a referral system without which, the earnings of an individual reduces to pennies. This makes people tell all of their friends and family that they are earning a handsome amount online in a way that fascinates others.

Anyways, coming towards the ways of earning money online, the first thing that runs through our mind when we think about making some extra cash online is PTC. PTC stands for paid to click. Its an industry where different companies or websites pay the user for watching some ads daily. PTC has been and currently is one of the most famous online earning method in use. However, in the previous year, the scope of PTC has decreased big time. In the beginning, the companies used to pay good amount per click, but then with more and more users, the rate per click started to get low until now, when it has even got on the nerves of users. To earn some good money out of PTC, the user actually have to find some 150+ referrals that is of course, not a piece of cake.

Another reason for people getting indulged in other online business is the competition. As I said earlier, millions of people are involved in this business and this is one of the most simple online job available that even a 10 year old child can do it. After all, you just have to click the ads. And one of the darker sides of great competition, is SCAMS. People start to use PTC and then one fine day, they get an idea running through their minds to start their own PTC website that will make them earn more. And finally due to lack of experience they end up scamming people big time. This is the most annoying thing for the uses. Loosing their hard earned money to a SCAMMER. Infact, some have taken SCAMMING as a business. God help low lives.

So now finally gotten frustrated by the ridiculously low pay rate of PTC and outrageously high rate of SCAMMERS, people have started to look toward other online earning opportunities. And now such earning methods are rising at such a high rate that professionals suspect a near end of PTC business. However, that is difficult to digest of course because every new comer who gets hisself involved in online earning at first, goes for the simplest of all, THE PTC.

Anyways, apart from PTC, the other online earning methods in demand are file hosting and video hosting. In the hosting business, the user have to upload files on the hosting servers like file sonic, file server, hotfile etc and then they join forums and blogs, really, tons of them and promote their download links. The more downloads they get, the more they earn. NOTE that not all the hosting servers pay for hosting. Like megaupload does not pay for hosting although it did in the past. Video hosting is exactly identical to file hosting in which the user get paid for every view his video gets. No doubt hosting is a lot of hard work. Its all about getting your stuff popular. You can make a blog for example to upload your videos or files and then promote your blog and invite people to use your blog for their daily downloads. Then of course, you have to keep notice of the material. It has to be something most of the people are interested in. Like movies. Seriously, who doesn't watch movies?

So hosting is a lot of hard work. It calls for utter dedication and passion for your work. The reason people in the beginning choose PTC over hosting is that PTC shows immediate results. User views the 40 second or so ad, and he sees his account balance increased although only few cents, but still, consider a young student who never made money on his own, this one cent gets him so excited. But what they fail to fore see is that hosting might be harder, might not show immediate results, but the earning aspects of hosting once you get hold of it, understood it completely, are much more than PTC. You can earn a lot more than PTC and of course once you get yourself popular, with the passage of time, you need to work less and you earn more. So its just a matter of time. Patience is the key thing, which of course the young excited new comers are deprived of.

Affiliate marketing might be one of the highest paying online jobs but still people do not tend to try it. With no doubt it can pay you even more than your full time job and you can retire with peace, but it calls for skills. You must know how to recruit people, captivate them into getting involved in your business, only then will you be earning great amount of cash. So its almost like you are a salesman for some company and you have to sell the product. The more the sales, the more you earn. But believe me or not, I've tried it and recruiting people into becoming a customer of what you have to offer, its not as much of a simple task as it might seem to be.

People with writing skills or social skills are normally found involved in companies like exposeknowledge, triond or are involed in paid to post and stuff like that where they can write articles, answer peoples questions, start discussions etc and get paid for that. If a person has social skills, the best place for him would be business networking. Some social network for business minded people. One of the best available currently is BIZOPPERS.COM. In business networking, people actually have a lot of ways to earn like referral system, matrix system and they do even get paid for being social like talking to people, taking part in group conversations, discussions and all that. But the best part it, they actually get to know thousands of like minded people and get a chance to promote, share and expose their online business. Imagine you are on facebook but a different one, that pays you for doing everything that you do daily on facebook. Along with it, all of your friends and contacts, they are like minded and in search of online businesses. Can you imagine how much of the exposure your online business will get this way? This benefit of business networking alone is priceless.

So to cut to the chase, article writing, blogging, SEO, forum posting, video hosting, file hosting, PTC, affiliate marketing are some of the common online earning methods which are utilized by people with appropriate skills. However, another emerging online earning opportunity is forex trading. There is no doubt that there is a lot of risk involved with online forex trading and not all people can do get a hold of it. But still, many people from students to business personalities are seen involved in forex trading right from the comfort of their very homes. As a matter of fact, some people have taken forex trading as a full time job. Trading forex online is their full time source of income. Due to the emergence of forex trading, online and offline courses and professional lectures and all are increasing with every day to let people learn forex trading as much as they can. Because the point with forex trading is that it pays off really well but only to those who have invested their time before money in learning it properly. Trying luck in the forex market and making guesses is the worst idea ever. It only causes people to lose their precious money and time.

So to come to the conclusion, one type of business is not suitable for everyone. If your friend is earning with file hosting, it is not necessary that file hosting alone is the thing suitable for you as well. You might wanna take a deep look on all these aspects of online earning and then only decide which method interests you.


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