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Useful tips that help you around the house

July 02, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1608

Some useful tips that come in handy around the house ..


1, The many uses of tooth paste - Tooth paste can be used for filling holes on walls left by nails .It can also be used for sticking posters on the wall.This does not damage the wall paint since the paste can be scraped away.

2, Curtains and Blinds -Net and cotton curtains stiffen and shine if they are given a final rinse of water mixed with methylated spirit.
Venetian blinds can be wiped with old socks which are wrapped around your hand. This enables you to clean every corner and slant of the blind thoroughly.

3, Vinegar wise -Fabric bleaches are expensive these days , one can instead use a small quantity of white vinegar in soap solution and soak the clothes in this for half an hour before washing.the clothes come out sparkling clean.
Adding a few drops of vinegar to water while boling eggs especially if they are slightly cracked , prevents the white of the egg coming out of the shell.

4, Say good bye to flies - Heat a iron pan or a plate and place some camphor on it.The camphor fumes will ensure that the flies stay away from the room.Clean the kitchen counter tops with a solution of soapy water to which a few drops of neem oil is added.This helps in keeping flies and ants away !

5, To clean your delicate erarings and finger rings - First wrap them in a clean handkerchief and rub gently so that dirt on the jewelry gets dislodged.Now dip a soft brush in Eau de cologne and clean and gently scrub the crevices of the earrings and rings after which again wrap and polish with the hankey and store them in their container.

6, To prevent cream from curdling while whipping it , place the bowl of cream in a basin over ice cubes.Ideally cream should be kept refrigerated for 3 or 4 hours before whipping it.There will be no problem regarding either the consistency or the fear of curdling !

7, If your dog has ticks and you are unable to get rid of it , here is what you can do - Make a paste with neem leaves and apply all over the animal's body.Leave it on for an hour and bathe your pet using soap and warm water into which you have added a few drops of dettol.

8, To sharpen knives and scissors rub the sharp edges against the neck of a glass bottle. Alternatively , cutting through pieces of tin foli repeatedly for a coupleof minutes and see the difference !

9, Washing wollens can be a difficult job. Add a few drops of glycerine into the water and soak your heavy wollen clothes in it.Leave it for a few minutes to soak .This will make the wollen clothes softer and easier to wash.

10, Water that you drain after boiling rice or pasta ( without adding oil or salt ) can be used for starching cotton clothes, especially cotton sarees and also crepe silks.you can add a few drops of Eau de cologne to the starchy water before using it.

11, To effectively get rid of dandruff apply a mixture of a tsp of lime juice,2 tablespoonful of milk and a pinch of pepper powder . Apply this mixture into your scalp and hair and wrap a plastic head cap around your hair. Leave it on overnight , wash and shampoo your hair the next morning .

12, To get rid of a nagging corn , wrap it in a fresh rose leaf .Alternatively it can also be covered with a paste of garlic and vinegar. When the corn has softened, you can remove it gently by coaxing it with a cotton bud.

13, To get rid of pimples - make a smooth paste of 8-10 cloves of garlic and mix it with a few drops of sesame oil.Cover the pimple infected areas with this mixture to cure it within a day's time.

14, Rattan and cane furniture last longer, if they are dried in the sun at least once in six months. Make a strong solution of rock salt and water and apply it all over the furniture taking care to cover all the joints.Now leave the furniture to dry in the sun for 3-4 hours...

15, For sparkling white teeth , rub them with lemon peel dipped in table salt for a few seconds.Doing this regularly helps you keep your teeth sparkling white and healthy.

Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 07/09/2012    Points:4    

Hello Ushaji, Very nice and easy tips. Thanks a lot for shairing this useful information. Your articles are always so informative and educative. Once I read your article about beauty tips and then made a face pack as you had mentioned. It was wonderful. I used it and that day I got many comments from my friends that my skin was glowing and was looking much better. I gave them the recipe from your face pack. Thanks again for sharing this very useful information.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/10/2012    Points:2    

Sarika, that is great, what is important is not simply sharing tips, they should actually work.I am glad that it worked for you, and it has helped me as well...I normally write about only those that I definitely know ,works...Thanks a lot for the encouraging words :)
Author: Victor O        
Posted Date: 09/26/2012    Points:1    

Oh! I haven''t these before, most of them in particular. It''s great of you Ushakiran to spread these valuable rare tips. Thanks!

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