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Practical knowledge as subjects in Universities - The basic facts

July 03, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 572

Students should be taught the basic home maintenance so that they are well equipped to face life. Driving, swimming, electrician work and plumbing should be taught to students in college.


Do you know how to change a fuse? Do you know how to unplug a blocked water pipe? These are some of the many real problems that students face when they leave college and start to live on their own. Why is it that the present curriculum does not include practical knowledge related subjects such as plumbing and electrician work as subsidiary subjects in college? Do you not feel that such subjects will empower students to handle emergency situations with ease? It is high time the concerned authorities take notice of such matters and change rules to accommodate such subjects. This will prepare students well.

A person had written an open letter in a daily paper that two of his sons who had passed engineering from the prestigious IIT did not know how to change a faulty tube light in their house. They had to hire the services of an electrician. What a pity. Such situations bring to light the futility of the present education system. A student must also be taught to drive a vehicle during college study. This is important because many people often buy cars or other vehicles when they are able to afford it. This could be during their middle age. Learning to drive during the later stage of life is risky and unsuccessful most of the time. Such a situation can be avoided if pupils are taught the basic necessities of life at an earlier stage.

Every university in the world must be requested to introduce practical knowledge subjects so that students can become independent and confident citizens. It is not a fancy wish but an opinion expressed by people all over the world and may see light in the near future.

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