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Pleasure of Reading

July 03, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 680

Reading is very fun it will help us to grap knowledge. This article says about the how reading will give us the pleasure.


Reading books is very fun and he we make reading as a habit then it will be good for our knowledge. He we have books with us, we can never feel bored or lonely. When we read a book we are not merely conversing with the author. If it is a novel or a story book we are participating in the life described in the book. While reading a novel we often identify ourselves with one of the characters, and share his or her experiences. Books will take us to another world while we are sitting in our room, and we can travel all over the world through reading. Thus reading a book is often a journey through space and time.

Reading a book is more fun than chatting with friends. As from the story books we will get life experience to face a problem like the character faced in the story. If we are reading interesting facts then it will help us to increase our general knowledge. Reading is more than hearing something. Most of the people likes to hear, listen or read stories because it will give pleasure to them. So reading is very fun if we use it as a fun.

Our friends may sometimes refuse to help us. Sometimes they may not be in a position to help us either because of illness or because of some other inconveniences. But as like a friend book will always ready to help us.


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