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How parents can help teenagers cope with puberty problems and teenage stress.

July 04, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.10   Views: 1232

Teenage is a transition phase during which a pretty young girl grows into a graceful lady and a clumsy guy turns into a handsome young boy. This is a period between puberty and adolescence. Our experiences are different and unique as we undergo the process of transformation. In this article I will highlight the problems that teenage girls and boys face and about which they are reluctant to speak. This article will help parents support their son/daughter.


Teenagers’ and puberty

Teenage is an age of adolescence that ranges from 13-19 years. For many, this is an unusual and difficult phase of life. Hormonal changes cause speedy growth and development of physical as well as reproductive organs in individuals of either sex. Changes occur due to the estrogen surge in females and testosterone production in the males apart from the other hormones. This is a period of dramatic physical change associated with mood swings. Adjusting with the commencing changes physically and emotionally is challenging. Teenagers show mental growth, they start perceiving and learning things in a much different way than before. They think in a more sophisticated way and try to comprehend the activities and events in life in a way an adult would.

At this phase of life, the teenagers need a lot of energy producing and body building food. Protein rich food, milk which is a complete food should be given. Food containing phyto vitamins and minerals should be given in appropriate quantities. Rich fiber diet, fruits, fresh vegetables and carbohydrate in a well planned diet is what a teenaged daughter or son needs. A balance between study, work, food and exercises should be met. This will help the teenage girl or guy to be able to deal with coordination problems if any. Eating disorders will not get triggered and teenage obesity will also stay under control.

The physical changes are normal. Growth of hair in the armpits, legs, pubic areas, menstruations, etc are commonly experienced by girls. Girls gain height. Hips get more widened and breasts develop. Growth and enlargement of other reproductive organs also occur. While boys undergo change of voice (enlargement of adams apple), development of hair in the underarms (axillary hairs), legs and pubic areas, there is appearance of beard and moustache on the face. Boys are more hairy than girls. They may experience wet dream at night (ejaculation while asleep). Boys gain height and get more muscular. Growth and enlargement reproductive organs occur. Parents should find time to explain that it is a normal phenomenon.

Guideline to help your teenage daughter or son grow better

It is important that the parents give proper support to the teenage son or daughter, help them come out of their curiosities and get suitable answers to all the questions. The following check list will help you assess your complete or incomplete task or responsibility towards your teenage son/daughter:

For Girls
1. Have you talked about the physical changes your daughter is likely to experience shortly?
2. Have you explained why acne may problem her for a few more years?
3. Have you talked about menarchy and menstruations which she may get soon or is already experiencing?
4. Have you explained to her the hormonal changes that shall occur within her?
5. Have you talked to her regarding food choice, healthy eating and nutrition?
6. Have you explained to her the benefits of exercise on a regular basis?
7. Have you asked, if the teacher in school had a discussion with them about sex education?
8. Have you asked her how and what she feels about boys?
9. Have you discussed with her, what is safe sex?
10. Have you explained to her the importance of health/hygiene?

For Boys
1. Have you explained about cleanliness/hygiene, body odour and use of deodorants?
2. Have you talked about the physical change/voice change that your son is likely to experience?
3.Have you asked how he feels about girls?
4. Have you explained to him the dating limits?
5. Have you talked about the pimples and acne he is worried about?
6. Have you asked him if the teacher in school has discussed regarding sex education?
7. Have you talked about wet dream, have you explained it is a normal phenomenon?
8. Have you talked about choice of food, nutritive values and the growth demands?
9. Have you explained to him the benefits of regular exercises?
10.Have you discussed with him what is safe sex?

A loving parent child relationship should be maintained. Your supportive care and understanding will make this challenging period of your teenage son and daughter exciting. It will lay a strong foundation of healthy growth and welcome changes that are opt to come. The teenage phase is a blessing in disguise for the parents to strengthen their relations with the children and make the love bonds stronger.

Symptoms of stress in teenagers

a. Headache: This is often complained after school or during exam preparations.
b. Loss of Appetite: Loss of appetite or over-eating are both symptoms of stress.
c. Lack of sleep: If he/she complains of not being able to sleep properly, cause can be either anxiety or tension.
d. Difficulty in remembering or forgetfulness: This is a sign of nervousness, impatience and lack of steadiness.
e. Depression: It can be a result of adjustment problems due to hormonal changes.
f. Peer group pressure: Experiencing competition in a way an adult does.
g. Anger bursts: Common symptom of stress.
h. Moodiness: Teenage is a period of mood fluctuation. It is normal.
i. Fussy, weepy: Mood variations are most likely to occur in teenagers.
j. Hopelessness: It may occur on takings things too seriously than should be taken.
k. Pacing up and down: It shows he/she is not steady in mind or spirit.
l. Shaking hands and feet: It depicts that he/she is impatient, it is bad manner if it becomes a habit.
m. Neglecting hygiene and looks: May occur when he/she is unhappy and depressed.
n. Nail biting: It may occur if he/she is not feeling confident, is shy or hesitant.
o. Smoking or drugs: It occurs if he/she is astray, is in bad company.
p. Loosing interest in studies: When he/she is unable to perform satisfactorily in his/her class, may need tuitions or more parental support and attention.
q. Dreaminess: Lack of presence of mind.
r. Lying to parents or elders: Performing tasks which are not correct, needs parental support.
s. Inability to concentrate on something: It is indicative of division of attention.

The above are examples of symptoms that will help you spot the type of stress through which your teenage son or daughter is passing through. When you are able to localize the symptom you act accordingly. Co-operation and support to your son/daughter at the correct time will not only reduce his/her problems but also help you build a strong bond of affection and confidence in the parents-adult-child relationship.


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