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9 Points to Personal Development

July 05, 2012  by: U. A. Kiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 807

We all want to develop ourselves. Personal growth is as important as the progress around us. We should develop in ourselves the confidence of building a much better nation.


We all want to develop ourselves. Personal growth is as important as the progress around us. We should develop in ourselves the confidence of building a much better nation:

1. THINK POSITIVE: Thinking positive makes lots of difference. People with negative thinking have low self confidence while the positive people are more successful in life, become icons and set instances of success for other people.

2. PLAN YOUR DAY: Whatever we do, we need to plan our activities and endeavor to adhere to the plan. Sometimes, we find not all goes according to our plan. Despite this, there must be some planning in our life. When the planning works, we feel better and plan better.

3. KNOW YOURSELF: We should know ourselves better than anybody else. This can be done by listing the strong and the weak points in us. We should know ourselves before anybody else surprises us pointing our strengths and weaknesses.

4. STRENGTHEN YOURSELF: We should not to relax on the strengths we have but need to strengthen ourselves day by day. All have the strong and the weak points in us. We have to recognize the strong points in us and improve them to the limit that they would never be weakened.

5. STRENGTHEN YOUR WEAKNESSES: Once we have recognized and strengthen our strong points, we need to recognize our weaknesses, work on them and try our best to convert them to our strength. This is important. Do not leave them alone.

6. SELF ANALYSIS: Self analysis is important in the path of development. We should know where we stand before we start to find our way to development. Self analysis works wonder to boost our self confidence.

7. NO TENSION: Most people lose confidence in themselves when they are tense. Tension is everywhere – in home, office, even going for an interview or while going to work or starting a new business. Having confidence, think positive, plan or prepare well, analysis your activities, there would be no tension. There should be no place for tension or negative thinking in our mind. Tension and negative thinking could affect our confidence.

8. RELAX: Relax when you get time. Sometimes relaxation brings back the confidence in us. Do not think about work when eating but enjoy the meal. Meal enjoyed would be good for health. In between busy schedule, close the eyes to relax for a moment or two.

9. SLEEP WELL: Sometimes sleeping does what medicines can not do. Sleeping cures some of the diseases. Sleeping for 6-7 hours is sufficient to keep us energetic for the day's work. Some may need more. Sleep well to wake up fresh for a fresh day.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:4    

Develop ourselves help us to gain more energy and think positive. In my opinion we have to develop our mind to think about positive because if always think about negative always negative will happen and if we think about positive then is will increase you thoughts and powerfull feeling to your mind and strong up you. This is very usefull article which say how we can improve ourselves. If we take proper advantages then our mind always be ready to take our opinions.

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