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Alureon may play spoil sport with internet users

July 06, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Industry News    Views: 581

Keep safe and alert yourself about the dangers of the Alureon malware. It is reportedly likely to hit the internet on Monday - July 9.


The hot topic on the internet today is the Alureon malware. It is a software that has the potential to give you long lasting headaches if you do not take the necessary steps to secure your system against the malware. It is most likely that the malware may hit the internet users on coming Monday.

So what does the Alureon do?
It actually causes a lot of hassle by sending you from a trusted web site you may have been using for a long time to a spoof web site. It is expected that the malware is likely to take into its stride as many as 2.5 lakh computers from all over the world on Monday at around 4.01AM GMT.
The infected computers then will not be able to connect to the internet at all. To set things back to normal, they will have to take the help of the internet service provider. The Alureon was basically designed to steal any personal or financial information from the site.

How can Alureon spoil your day?
Alureon has the ability to redirect the internet traffic with the help of rough DNS servers that are controlled by the criminal minded people. It was the last year that Alureon had shown how effectively dangerous it can be. It broke open into hundreds of computers all across the world.
Alureon had also shown up during a hacking scam that had raised its head last year in the United States. The impact was so great that even today there are nearly 2,50,000 computers that are yet to fully recover from the Alureon attack.
Action was taken fast and the servers were asked to stop their services as long as the victims recovered. Until then there was some temporary arrangement made. Let us see what happens this time around.

Keep safe and alert yourself about the dangers of the Alureon malware.

Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/08/2012    Points:2    

This is surely scary thing for all Internet users. And as FBI also involved in this thing, it is surely important one. Hope we all able to avoid this hacking attack. This is good article contains good information related to this issue.

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Alureon may play spoil sport with internet users
Keep safe and alert yourself about the dangers of the Alureon malware. It is reportedly likely to hit the internet on Monday - July 9.

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