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Beware 9th July is coming

July 06, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Industry News  Earning $0.35   Views: 841

This is the important data, take necessary steps and stay safe.


Google and many other sources are giving lots of alerts about this day. It is about DNS changer malware. Hackers may try to attack your computer through DNS changer, and once you get caught you will not able to surf on the Internet. You have to clean your computer totally to get out of that problem. So be safe and stay alert. It is so important that even FBI got involved in this case. They have already captured few hackers related to it.

As per this, hackers can change your dns settings and change your ip address which isn’t set from your service provider. This can cause your many troubles. You may redirect to those sites which you haven’t typed. Means you can get redirected to those sites which are full of virus and can attack your computer easily. So just make sure that your computer is still safe and your DNS settings are free from this problem.

How to check it on Windows 7?

I am explaining how to check DNS settings on windows 7. For other operating systems, you have to get there by your own.

First go to control panel and then click on Network and Sharing Center.

Then click on your current connection as shown in below image.

Now you will get status window of that connection. Now click on properties to go on property page. You will get the window like below.

Now as shown in image, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on properties again. With this you will able to see ip address settings/ DNS setting of your connection, as shown in image.

Now mostly all internet connection has been set on Obtain an IP address automatically, so if your connection is set on this one also then you are on no risk. If it’s set to some manually ip address then your computer might be at risk. Then you need to check that your ip address is not in the list of those infected ip address.

This problem is surely serious. If by chance your computer gets infected then you need to format it completely. Otherwise it can be more risky to you.

To avoid it, first make sure that your computer is not infected with some malware. That’s the best thing to check first. If there is any then take necessary steps to remove them. After it, just check your DNS settings that you haven’t been infected like that.

This is quite important and Google and few other sources is alerting about this date since a month. So better you don’t ignore this. Just check out below video for more details.


Be safe on that day. Have fun.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 07/07/2012    Points:2    

I have written a similar article about the malware on this site as well. However, as I am not that sound in the technicalities, I didn''t write in that style - which you have done here. However, mine is just an informative article. But it was nice reading your piece as well.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/08/2012    Points:2    

Thanks... Abhi.. I have read your article too and its surely good and informative. It has covered all important information related to this issue.. Hope we all able to avoid this 9th july problem. Best of luck to all of us... ha ha

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Beware 9th July is coming
This is the important data, take necessary steps and stay safe.

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