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Save Animals and Forests.

July 18, 2010  by: Mathi  Points: 20   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 2074

The natural resourses of our planet earth are limited.The earth has enough for everybody's need but not enough for everybody's greed.


Since animals and human beings depend on plants for survival, plants have to be conserved. In nature, there is a delicate balance maintained between plant a and animals. Even when one link in nature is broken, the effect on the environment is very bad. When forest are destroyed, animals lose their habitats and become extinct. Forests have to be saved from forest fire, floods and man. When dams are built, valuable plants and animals gets submerged.

Animals are hunted by man due to greediness . ivory , skin , fur and in some cases bones and teeth of animal are also used for ,various purposes. If the buying of the those things stops, the killing will stop. We cannot create a natural resources . therefore , we should conserve and preserve natural resources and stop disturbing natural's balances.

Here is a list endangered spices.( Endangered means us a very few animals f that spices are alive now. If they are not saved, they would disappeared from the earth. )

See Whether you can add to the list.

What and Why the innocents were killed? Reasons for their disappearance.

* The Gray Bat of North America.- Destroying the forests for humans developments.So They got disturbance of roosting site/habitat.

* One hundred Rhinos of India & China.- For humans monitory benefits,they are being killed for their horns.Approximately 100 were killed already.

* Two hundred Rhinos of Burma, Thailand.- As humans monetary benefits, poaching for horns, and development of cities humans were destruction the deep forest.

* Snow Leopard. - This also for humans monetary benefits. Poaching because fur fetches a lot of money in the market.

* Indian Tigers and Siberian tigers.- As humans monetary benefits they have been killed for skin, bones, teeth to fetch a lot of money. so they loss of habitat.

* Seals, Walruses.- Eskimos very interested to hunt them.They have been killed for make money in the market.

* Sambar Deer.-As humans monetary benefits they have been killed for skin and antlers fetch a lot of money in the market.

* Golden shouldered Parrot of Australia. As humans monetary benefits they have been killed. It was a Rare bird of exotic bird. So pet trade.

* Lion-tailed Macaque of south Africa.-Development of cities and roads its habitat loss.

* Peacocks, Mountain Tapirs of South Africa.-As humans monetary benefits they have been killed for pesticides.

* Orang utang of Borneo and Sumatra.- Human development is the main reason to loss of forest habitat.

* The Musk Deer.-As humans monetary benefits it was killed for the musk pod in the abdomen.

* Quaggas of South Africa (look like zebra/horses) As humans monetary benefits hunted for meat.(already extinct.)

* Cheetahs of India.- As humans monetary benefits and as a hobby they have been killed for sport.

* The great Indian Bustard of Thar desert.-As humans monetary benefits they have been killed for for meat.

* Bald Eagle of America.-They are shot or poisoned by farmers to protect their sheep and
goats.Every where you can see for humans greedy and desirous they have been killed.

At last human beings will face dangerous problems, if continuously destroying all those things. Nobody can save our life even god, when nature's will react.


Author: Jayen        
Posted Date: 07/23/2010    Points:1    

Good article keep it up.
Author: Jayen        
Posted Date: 07/23/2010    Points:1    

Good article keep it up.

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