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Black - Your thoughts shows you

July 07, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 903

This single word can bring different thoughts to your mind. But remember, you may be valued based on your thoughts, knowingly or unknowingly.


Just a word. Black. On hearing this, people may get different things on their mind. Black can make us remind of movies. Black can be a kind of emptiness, a total seclusion from yourself and from your surroundings where no one is out there to bother you, to take care of you, to take notice of your existence. Of course that's a philosophical meaning but anyway its logical as the correct literal meaning says the same stuff. Absence of light. One more way in which it can be comprehended is to lose your vision. Now how is it different from first case. Its different because earlier you might yourself were in dark but now you may be well in light but blindfolded.

A Psychological view

Making it more picture clear and generalizing, Black is a pretty depressive color in general, lets exclude the materialistic objects. It gives you a feeling that its not just something rather everything is missing in life. Our psychological intuitions force us to consider black as evil. Something destructive or even hazardous. Absolutely horrible, lifeless are some other words. Something that is meant to make everything else lifeless. e.g. our lifeless hair, they're black indeed.

Now that's another point that quite possible that in reality the opposite may be true. This is a general psychological impact of the color that its considered to be curse in various beliefs and mythologies . We can even say when god created innumerable number of colors may be that's what the definition he wanted to convey to humans for this light spectrum. In fact which is not in the light spectrum, just the absence of it.

Black - Peace ?

Black is the color of night. It is calm and placid. It is that part of the day which absorbs every other color and allow human life to come to rest, to relax, to put them in a state of subconsciousness so that they can return to work or their normal routine the next day. Just think, that if black doesn't had cover the whole sky, would the living creatures have had found peace to take a tranquil sleep. Just imagine, if for 24 hr, we had the daylight and had to work the whole day, would we be that productive as we are now, would we have felt so energetic as we feel when we wake up in the morning. Had the night be so quiet and peaceful if it would have taken any other color other than black? No, because black is the only color which symbolizes serenity , when in life seems to rest, every being comes to a still.

One more aspect is that it is in the face of Black money. The money earned through illegal activities or which is not shown in taxes turns out to be black money. It is a major form of corruption that many countries and especially India faces. Its really very shameful to say that in these kind of activities our government, senior bureaucrats, top industrialists are also involved.

The Dark side

Black money is being kept safe in the lockers of Swiss bank or is used for the purchase of precious metals like gold, silver, etc, to buy property, is spent on luxury or even sometimes used to support the terrorist. It has major threats to our country's economy. It leads to the wrong measurement of the size of economy and thereby misleads the level of economic activity. It has worsen the income distribution. Although the government has appointed a committee to track the flow of black money but who knows that do the people in this committee as well have the accounts in Swiss bank or not.

Thus, just a word, a color, black gives arises a lot of pictures in our mind. A color can be seen in different ways. Psychiatrists says that the way we think of something can be used to get a clear pic about ourselves. So, when ever we are asked to say something about such topics, we know that we can give it different angles. So, remember what picture of you will be transferred to others by your views. Its a fact that in this competitive world, you are always monitored and valued knowingly or unknowingly!!


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