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The Egg Diet for Fast Weight Loss

July 07, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1007

Fight the flab with eggs. Studies show that eggs do help to lose weight. Eggs have more protein and vitamin D. Use eggs with your food to beat the weight gain process! Here are a few tips.


Can you fight flab with eggs? If you are looking for simple ways to lose weight at home, the eggs in your refrigerator may be a good solution. Studies reveal that people, who eat eggs for breakfast, lose weight faster than those who eat cereal or other types of breakfasts. This is because of two reasons- firstly, an egg is below 80 calories and secondly, it has some miracle ingredient that fights the calories consumed at lunch and dinner. Well, if these reasons are not enough, let us see other benefits of eggs for fast weight loss.

Eggs and Portion Control

When you buy a box of eggs or the Real Egg whites liquid, you know the exact number of calories on your plate. People who focus on weight loss by portion control will find it easy to keep a tab on their food portions when it comes to eggs. For other foods like cereal, you need to add milk, sugar, dry fruits and all this makes it a higher carbohydrate meal. With eggs, you just add some salt, pepper and eat a whole grain toast on the side. This toast has additional 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The pepper on your eggs helps to boost metabolism, which also aids weight loss.

Eggs and Vitamin D for Weight Loss

Doctors say that eggs are one of the few natural foods with vitamin D content. Moreover, people with obesity or weight gain problem have lower levels of vitamin D. This can cause higher risks of blood sugar and heart problems. Along with a Vitamin D supplement, add eggs to your breakfast. Combine it with 30 minutes of morning walk in the sun. Thus, you have a perfect recipe for weight loss without a big hole in your pocket.

Celebrities and Egg Diet

Many celebrities, movie stars and others have lost plenty of calories when on an egg diet. This includes Indian and Hollywood stars. Some actors claim to eat at least 5-10 egg whites for a meal, for high protein and low carbohydrate diet. If you remove the yolk, plain egg whites contain enough protein. Of course, the yolk does contain essential vitamins, amino acids and vitamin D too. However, too many yolks will add more carbohydrates to the diet.

Analyze the Egg Diet and Balance the Meal

Only eggs will not give you a wholesome nutrition. You still have to eat your vegetables and fruits. The trick is to add one or two eggs per meal. This way, you feel full for longer and have more energy for the day. When you combine eggs with whole grains, you get more protein and fiber. More fiber in the diet improves metabolism and results in weight loss.

Egg and Weight Loss

If you eat eggs every day, you may begin to dislike it. Hence, try to be innovative. Eat it in different styles every day. To prevent constipation, add more pepper, vegetables and fruits to your meals. Eggs alone may cause constipation.

Dieticians say that the egg diet is more of a crash plan for fast weight loss. They say weight gain is possible if you skip this diet after a while. Hence, try to eat an egg every day and lose weight. Eggs with vegetables and a side of fruit can be a powerful breakfast to start the day.

Try this diet and see the results. Of course, you can get better results if you combine a spot of exercise. Do free weights, walk, jog, bike or anything that seems fun. An active body will keep the flab away and you lead a better and healthy lifestyle.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/09/2012    Points:2    

It is a new information for me. Egg has lots of facts like it act as a medicine in some natural diseases, it has very much nutritious to boost our health. Thanks for the information. Keep it up.

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