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Saving Endangered Creatures

July 08, 2012  by: U. A. Kiran  Points: 12   Category: Social  Earning $0.30   Views: 709

All attempts by scientists to save world’s rarest creatures should have to be appreciated.


All attempts by scientists to save world’s rarest creatures should have to be appreciated. Melting of poles, changing weather conditions and deforestation, besides others, are the principal reasons for the creatures going extinct. Recently there were many incidents of animals in search of food enter into human locality where they were either killed or captured even though human depredations were the reason behind their reduced territory. For the production of wooden materials, the forests are destroyed, leaving wild creatures almost homeless. Besides, they have scarce food. Logically, seeking food, they would cross their territory and enter into human localities. Remember, sensible humans too have crossed any limits to survive. Their language may be different from us, but they too need home and food to survive. Their home and food come to us in the form of luxury. It means they are, by endangering their lives and becoming extinct, paying the price for our comfortable life. Or to be accurate they are made to pay the price. And it seems we naturally do not care for them as long as we are comfortable.

There are lots of creatures which are extinct like the dinosaurs. Some are: Tasmanian wolf originally lived in Australia but since its food grew scarce, it moved to Tasmania and in 1993, the last known Tasmanian Wolf died in a Tasmania zoo; Meganthereon, better known as the sabretoothed tiger lived in Africa alongside early man; dodo never learned to fly and the last known dodo died on a Ship; orestias cuvieri, fish that grew up to 30cm long, lived in Lake Titicaca, in South America, but trout introduced into the lakes during the 1930s ate all of them and the trout were eaten by lamprey; moa, the giant bird, lived in New Zealand; sivatherium, a close relative of the giraffe, which lived in Africa, was hunted by early humans; giant boa which grew up to five meters long, was killed by early humans for food et al. The list is endless, as there may be numerous which became extinct before they could come across humans.

Now one would wonder how the future world would be without some of present creatures, for instance tigers. Scientists have their list of endangered creatures, and they have chalked out their saving programs to save them from becoming extinct, but the saving programs should not be limited to those in the list. The protection of forest areas which are their homes with abundant supply of food for them is of foremost importance. Nature must maintain its balance. Nature should be allowed to maintain its natural balance. If we force it to lose its balance, we have to pay the price ultimately. Yes ultimately we suffer. Naturally, we suffer.


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