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Know more about Google Bookmarking

July 09, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.45   Views: 522

Bookmark your favorite websites on more safe place.


People are always using bookmarking option in the browser. Using it they are bookmarking their favorite sites, so that they can open it later, no need to find them again. Bookmarking sites is like saving our favorite sites at one place. But usually we don’t have more features related to this thing. How about having the same thing with more features?

Google is having many popular products. And among those products Google is also having product related to bookmarking our sites with many good features. Check out below link to go to Google Bookmarks.


This is quite good concept from the Google. Here you can add unlimited bookmarks of your favorite websites with particular category and description. Just click on Add bookmark button from the left menu and you can easily add your sites with all description like below.

After adding you will get your sites lists like below image.

From this list you can easily sort your bookmark list with different available filters. There is labels option available during adding site with help of those labels you can easily search your added. We can also export the list of bookmark so that we can email them easily. If you want to export your sites list then there is button on left menu. Using that button we can easily export our list of sites on the html page.

How it can be beneficial?

With this feature you can easily bookmark unlimited sites in it. Also you can easily find-out about them. In different browser we having different bookmark list but here that will be not problem. You can have your same bookmark list on any browser. It is not limited to your own computer; you will get it on any computer using your Google Account. It is like our bookmarking page moving with us. Isn’t it great? Plus you can easily share your bookmarks by email or with help of Google plus social site to your any friend. So it is not only related to bookmarking. We can also do many other things like sharing using it. Other benefit is like suppose you have to format your hard disk because of some virus or other reason; in that case you will lose all your bookmarks from all your browsers. But this bookmark list will be available to you all the time. Even after losing your hard disk you can get that bookmark list just by connecting to the internet. So it is quite helpful.

So this is it. Google Bookmarking is quite helpful to us and that also in multiple ways. It is like backing up or bookmarks and everybody should have it. I hope this information will be helpful to you.


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