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Customize Firefox Toolbar

July 09, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.60   Views: 1232

Customize Firefox tool-bar and have more useful options on toolbar directly.


Firefox is quite famous browser. It is having lots of good features. Let’s see more about its toolbar option with this article. Firefox toolbar is not available with all features and options; they are limited because of space. But we can make changes in it and customize it as per our own use. With this tutorial you will able to add many more features in your Firefox toolbar and also you will able to add your own toolbar on your Firefox browser.

Customize Toolbar:

We are having many limited options on default Firefox toolbar because lack of space on it. We can customize it and put options which we want.

Press Alt + V to open menu with view menu. Now from the menu go to Toolbars and click on Customize. You will get the small window with icons as shown in below image.

It means that now you are in customize mode. Now you can put extra icons and options you want on toolbar from the list by just dragging them and drop them on toolbar. You can also drag and drop unwanted options back to this window from the toolbar. This will give you toolbar with options you like. I mean suppose you want copy paste options on toolbar then you can put them using this method and you can copy paste things more efficiently and more speedily.

As shown in image, we having Show option at the bottom of this window. From this option we can choose how we want to see the toolbar. I mean we can set toolbar just with icons or just with text or with both of them together. So it is good option to set toolbar as per our need.

Make New Toolbar:

Firefox default toolbar is already full with space with important options. So there will be too many icons if we put some extra options on the same toolbar. It will be more uncomfortable if we put all options on same toolbar. But there is a solution for this problem. We can create another empty toolbar just below the normal toolbar, so that we can put as many options we like. Like this way we can use Firefox more effectively. Just see the below image how I created multiple toolbars on my Firefox.

Just checkout above image. I have added few extra options like Downloads, Full Screen and Tab Groups. Like this way I can open this extra features directly from this new toolbar. And that are not avaiable on the defaulr toolbar on Firefox browser. Now let’s ee how to add new toolbar on firefox browser.

To add new toolbar , just refer the first image. In that image there is option to add new toolbar at the bottom of the window. Just press that button and that will ask you to give the name to that toolbar. Just name it as you like and click on okay. This will create new toolbar for you at the bottom of the normal toolbar. Now you can put the new options by your way and as you like. To put the new options in this new toolbar just open the customize toolbar option like I mentioned above, and you will get that window of options. You can put any options just by dragging and dropping itmes on new toolbar same way.

This is the best technique for those who are using firefox regularly. They are not having all the features like copy pasting things directly. Like this way they can put such important features on extra toolbar and can use it easily. This will surely help them to done their daily work more easily and speedily. Plus they can also remove unnecessary and unwanted stuffs from the toolbar quite easily. Like this way they will only have options they want. No more extra stuffs.

So this is it. Using this option we can customize Firefox toolbar as per our own need. Firefox is quite popular but still there are people who aren’t using these features or maybe they still don’t know about it. This can be surely useful. I hope you like this information and it will be helpful to all Firefox users. Have fun.


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