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Set more home pages on Google chrome

July 09, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.35   Views: 692

Open more than one website on the start up of Google Chrome.


We always used to set our favorite website as a homepage of the browser, so that it opens first when we open our browser. But these days there are lots of good and interesting sites available so it is obvious that people can have more than one favorite site. So for this purpose, Google chrome has given cool feature, using it we can set more websites as our home page. Yes, with that we can open more websites on startup of Chrome browser.

In Google chrome we can set multiple websites as our home page. By this way, we will get all those favorite sites opened whenever we open the Google chrome browser. We just need to set list of our site, and with that we can have them opened on the startup of Google Chrome. It can be helpful for sure. Let’s check out how we can do this.

How to do it?

• First of all, open your chrome browser in your computer.

• Then go into Settings page. (You can click on setting icon available after the address bar and select Settings from the menu)

• From the setting list you will notice the On startup section. This is the place where we need to do changes. See the below image, just like it make sure that you ticked on Open a specific page or set of pages.

• Now click on Set pages (available at last option in blue font, check above image) to set websites which we want to open on startup. You will get the small window like below image.

• As shown in above image, we can add more than one sites here as our home page. Just keep adding sites till you want and then press ok to save the settings.

So now it’s all set to go. Now whenever you open your Chrome browser you will get opened all those sites on startup. You can always remove or make changes in that list of sites from the same place. Just go to the same place and edit the list and next time you will see the sites you have updated.The benefit of this feature is you can set all those sites which you are visiting daily. Means you will not need to write those sites address in browser or search them on bookmark. Just open the browser and it will open all of them together. You don’t need to wait for anything and you can start your work instantly. This will surely save your time.

So this is it. With this trick you can have opened your favorite/important sites instantly on the startup of the chrome browser. This can be surely helpful for those who are visiting certain sites regularly or almost every day. Google chrome came with quite unique and good feature which I haven’t seen on any browser so far. This is surely putting Google Chrome on upper hand in compare of other browsers. Hope this information will be helpful to you.


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