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Education defines Success ?

July 09, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 692

To become successful in life, do we need education ? Our first answer will be YES. But, we have lots of exceptions around us.


Education and Success-Is there a correlation? That's definitely something to think of. Is education necessary for having success in our life. Before answering this, we have to define success first.

Education is not necessary to become a successful person, many people says and we have evidence in our society which shows that a successful person is that who is fully satisfied with his profession, A fruit-seller can also be a successful person. Satisfaction matters a lot. The definition may change from person to person. But we cannot say that one who is doing a self employment type job is less successful than one who is at the top position of a Multi national company.

What is Success ?

Success can be defined as a balance between wealth and happiness. The most important thing is that satisfaction should be there. If there is no satisfaction, then what is the meaning of having success. We also should remind that being educated doesn't mean being literate. The power of mind,understanding are increased by education, so education is necessary. We cannot deny the need of education in this modern world.

If we say that having a job to feed the family makes success, that is not true. Also, having a job which gives you personal satisfaction or which have a respect in the society doesn't gives you a success. Many of farmers attempt to suicide because they don't know how to make money from their land. Some are even having difficulty in feeding their family from what they earn by their hard work. But, can we say that its just because they are not educated.

Education- The need of Today

As situation changes, we have to accept the reality. There is a direct link between education and success. One can earn money even by breaking the rocks but only education can make us understand how to utilize that money in the best way in order to be successful in every sphere of life. Education also makes us understand how to deal with different persons in different circumstances which in turn also makes us a successful person in life. It also help us in learning what is good and bad for us most importantly.

Education will surely help you to become successful. But, it is not necessary to be highly educated. Knowledge about life and people and your attitude, behavior,power of mind,critical thinking etc determines your ability. These all things are more important to become successful than having a mere education. Only basic education with these qualities will be enough to become success. But that is not the cup of tea for all. Higher education with these qualities means guaranty of success.

Look around- The Exceptions

Bill Gates who become the world’s richest man in some time in the world, despite dropping out of school. We also have the example of Dhirubhai Ambani who has achieved a lot in his life despite dropping education and they are the famous personalities which had brains to think and learn through their practical life.

Success in context with long term, depends on the balance between Skills + Knowledge{Education} . Every person which strikes your mind as a successful person is a person, who maintained a balance between his skills and knowledge.

Do you want to know, how to become success?
Here is it:

These are the 4 keywords for the Success !!


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