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How to overcome writer's block effectively?

July 09, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1109

Are you going through the lean phase of writer''s block? Do you find yourself stuck with ideas and imaginations while writing your contents? This article gives complete information on how to overcome writer''s block effectively. Besides, it would also help you to make yourself aware how to deal with such situations in simple but effective ways.



Today, I have decided to discuss with you about writer’s block . Yes, I would be the right person to do so since I have been stuck with it several times in my writing career. To tell you the truth it is neither an infection nor a disease but a short spell of time when one certainly does not feel like writing anymore. Every writer does go through it at some point of time and each one deals with it in his/her own unique ways or style. It is one of those difficult phases when one simply gets short of one’s creative style. Examples include sitting in front of the computer and hardly being able to write a productive paragraph or at other times not being simply able to concentrate on one’s work. Does this mean one is completely lost in this dull phase and never be able to produce those quality and unique pieces of work in the future? No, I bet it does not mean so. First, one needs to analyze and understand the situations or problems properly and then take the positive approach so that he/she could overcome it as early as possible.

How to overcome writer’s block?

While writer’s block is common with authors and it has those conjoint elements which distract and disturb one but the good thing about it is that it also has some common ways or solutions to deal with it. What one needs most in this regard is the will power, determination and a positive trait of mind. A positive mind never believes in any such things like writer’s block and strives hard to move along in adverse conditions. This is good too and it may even help those authors to get along with the odds and overcome that period very comfortably. But the fact is that no every human being is mentally similar and some need those guides or helping hands to cope up with situations like this. History tells us that in the past even the greatest of authors have been affected with it but it is also a fact that they have successfully come over with it and performed even better and good quality work in their future. Now, let us check out some important ways how to overcome this writer’s block easily:

Make a routine: Scheduling your work always helps as you get mentally and physically prepared to do work at proper times. It also relieves you from getting overburdened with work and putting extra pressure on yourself to perform at odd hours of the day. To manage things better there is any good alternative to creating a daily routine for your work and following it without any failure. Besides, managing your work aptly and breaking your work load into smaller ones is a great trick which has its own positive values.

Physical activity: This holds crucial because it keeps the circulation of blood to different parts of the body properly. Even a short distance walk in the morning and evening time before you finally set out to write does a lot to refresh your mind. Doing some free hand exercises or hitting the gym regularly for sometime keeps the energy level up within your body and you feel much better, healthy and happy from inside. These are what count the most for the creative work which is your hobby or perhaps a means of your livelihood.

Get disconnected with internet: Most of the times when you remain logged in to social networking sites or perhaps checking your personal emails etc. you not only waste a lot of time but also your prime energy which gets wasted on these things. Your primary aim should be to devote your time to your master piece writing and only after doing this you should switch over to other things. For this if you feel necessary disconnect your internet while you write. This comes very handy with me and helps me to concentrate better on my work.

Avoid disturbances: Writing is something where both mind and heart should be involved with. For this you need a better surrounding to concentrate and where you are all alone by yourself. I am a bit lucky in this matter because I have a laptop and find it very easy to locate corners where I am all alone by myself and could concentrate better. I move on to the terrace or sometimes to the nearby park which really comes very handy when I am uncomfortable in a particular surrounding.

Avoid forcing and pressurizing: This is another key element. At times you may feel very hard to concentrate on your particular piece of work or getting some great ideas. It is advisable in such situations not to force yourself to writing as this may not lead you anywhere. This reason behind this could be your tiredness or lack of concentration etc. It would be better to keep that work left to be completed for next time. After a proper break or adequate rest come back to it and you may find it that much easier to complete it. This happens very often with me and this works wonders for me when I come to resume my work after an adequate break.

Entertain yourself: Once a week give yourself some time. It is mandatory because doing something which you like always helps in gathering those positive energies which you require for yourself. If you love to watch movies entertain yourself with a good movie or if you love to move out and meet your friends doing so would take out those stress and weariness from you. Interacting with people regularly does provide us with the right dose to live happily.

Write regularly: One of the best ways to keep writer’s block at bay is by writing regularly. There is a saying in English that practice makes a complete man and keeping this in mind you should make it a habit of writing regularly. You should write regularly no matter on what things or subject you write and with time and tide this would be very easy for you.

Good sleep: Good sleep is also necessary for good thoughts and good writing. Though it is very hard to guess that quota of sleep one needs regularly but it is standard that one should sleep at least for seven hours every day. As we need good food for our body good sleep is also necessary for a healthy mind. It is always a good idea to write after you get up from your sleep because at that time the mind remains fresh.
Have a balanced diet: You need to keep an eye on your diet too. Eat healthy diets rich in vitamins and minerals. You diet should consists of adequate amount of vegetables, cereals, pulses and fruits. Good diets have the good influence on our body and a healthy mind rests on a healthy body.


These are just a few simple things which would be enough to keep you in tract with writing. Keep yourself away from thoughts that you cannot write or perhaps all the creativity of writing has been dried up within you. Just give your thoughts a wing and have enough faith and determination that would be enough to bring you back in the arena of creating good writing master pieces. Hurdles and stoppages come in every field and writing too is not an exception to this universal rule. What matters the most is to overcome it like the way other great authors and myself has done it otherwise you would not have find me writing this article for you at this point of time.


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