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Health Benefits of a Low Fat Diet to fight Obesity

July 09, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 586

Here we discuss Health Benefits of a Low Fat Diet to fight Obesity. Some simple tips tell you how a low fat diet can help you lose weight fast.


These days, weight loss has become a popular topic of discussion. Be it office, home or with friends, you will eventually hear a small talk about weight loss. Many people talk about the benefits of low fat and no fat diet. Your body does need some fat to protect your muscles and bones. However, you should choose the good fat options. When you pick up a box of fries or fried snacks, you consume bad fats and trans-fats. However, you can get good fats from nuts, dried fruits, whole grains and avocado. If you do not find avocado, you can substitute it with guacamole or banana. A low fat diet has many health benefits. Here are some of its pros and cons

Benefits of Low Fat Diet

You have more healthy options when you opt for a low fat diet for weight loss. You need to consume more foods that contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These include eggs, egg whites, olive oil, and unsaturated fats (mostly from plant-based sources). Just check the labels on your food items and you will know the fat content.

Low Fat Diet helps lose Weight Fast

When you eat stir-fried vegetables instead of deeply fried ones, you lose weight eventually. This is because you eat less saturated fat for each meal. Thus, you can lose weight fast if you follow a low fat diet daily. Moreover, you need not shun the dairy from your meals. Instead of full fat milk and yogurt, buy non-fat dairy products. You can eat whole grains and grain based bread and tortillas. Likewise, pick up hazelnut or peanut butter instead of regular full fat butter. You can even choose the low fat butter spread. All these are simple choices that are low in fat and will help you lose weight fast.

What to Eat on Low Fat

You can still eat your burger! Yes, you can eat a low fat burger at home or outside. Just ask for a black bean burger patty. This contains more protein, less carbohydrates and is low in fat. It contains more good fat. Avoid the cheese and instead have a side of grilled veggies. You can add a glass of fresh squeezed juice. A whole-wheat bun can make a huge difference too. When you eat out, look for healthier choices. Substitute fries with baked potato, if you do have to indulge. These days, you can even get a pizza made with whole-wheat flour.

Low Fat Diet and Body Weight

Full fat foods have higher number of calories. These will store in your body and make you gain weight. Therefore, when you eat a low fat diet, you tend to lose weight. A low fat diet helps to tackle obesity and weight gain problems. You will feel more energetic when you eat a low fat diet. It prevents the lazy feeling and keeps you active throughout the day.

On a low fat diet, you tend to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables. This means that you add more fiber to your diet. As a result, your metabolism improves and the body is free from toxins. All these combine to give you a weight loss result. What is more, you can still have your coffee, burgers and breads without feeling guilty. You have more control over your appetite and less off-time cravings for food. Try the low fat diet and see the difference!


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