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Get directions to and from

July 10, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 5   Category: Software  Earning $0.10   Views: 676

Get your routes and distance with many other details using Google map.


Whenever we go to any unknown place it is quite hard to keep up with the routes and the distance. We always need to ask roads and route to the local people from the road. But if you having internet then you can pre plan your whole journey and get the route of your journey before you start your journey. You can refer those roads during your journey too.

For that Google has given very good facility. Using Google Map you can easily get the maps for your journey with total road route and the distance. You just need to add the starting point of your journey and the destination point of your journey. Rest of the things will be done by this tool and you will get the shortest path with the distance and route for your journey . Isn’t it great?

Using this you can pre-plan your whole journey, and you can reach to your destination without more problems. You can also select your resting points using this thing. It will make your whole journey quite comfortable with the proper plan.

Just see the below image. I have added two places for the demo purpose, and I got the proper route between those two points. I also got the distance between two places on the left sidebar. Not only this, you can also use the zoom on the map and see the places which come in the route.

Go to: http://maps.google.com/

It is about site. These days smart phones are quite popular and most of the smart phones carrying this application of Google Map from the starting. You can use this Google Map application just like I mentioned above. You can easily get your maps and routes using it. Not only that, the plus point of having this application is, you can get the distance and route of any place from your current location. So even you are on the route whenever you will access this application it will show you the current distance remaining and the route from the current location to that place. So it is surely great feature given by Google on the smart phones.

These days I have seen many people are using such applications during their journey. Using this application they can easily move in unknown places with help of Google directions and route. And good thing is that it is surely a success, it is showing almost all correct ways and other data. We just need to on GPS on our mobile phone, and after that we can know any place direction and distance from our current location using this application.

So if you are planning journey for some unknown place. Then just don't forget to use this Google navigator. Just open the site using above link or if you are having smart phone then use it for the same. And add two places to know details about it. You will get the all things you want. This can surely be helpful for your journey.

Have safe journey friends.


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