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Information On Internet: Reliable?

July 10, 2012  by: Wajeeh Khan  Points: 15   Category: Blogging    Views: 581

There is a lot of information on the internet just about anything and everything. But can that information be trusted? Is it precise and accurate to rely on?


Internet has become a household item for a decade. Some people find that nowhere can they find more useful information than in the experience of surfing the internet whereas others believe that what is transmitted on this system is not always reliable
First of all, it is argued that the floods of information posted on the Internet mislead users. With hundreds of advertising companies launching their campaigns about their products and extolling their strengths, customers have little idea about the true quality and are easily confused between them. This situation persists and irks customers greatly, partly as a result of the fact that quality controllers are available to monitor the authenticity of information. Nevertheless, such is a staggering speed of information delivery that we are driven to train ourselves with the ability to absorb and filter information. Surveys have also shown that since the birth of the Internet, the fact is that by dint of being equipped with more information, people’s level of education is increased, which is conducive to their better critical thinking. Besides, as being purchasers who are given a great amount of news about products, they have more sources to compare and contrast to have the best option, by dint of their advanced critical thinking.
Second of all, for the advantage of government, news can be distorted. It is likely that in order to gain more votes, politicians and leaders use this means to hide their frauds and manipulate their citizens with inaccurate news. Again, this argument has its flaw. On the other side, it is by virtue of accessing news from different nations, areas and organizations, whether official and unofficial, that citizens eventually discover the truth. Governments can only shut the mouth of some people and show news that are most advantageous for them, but are unable to stifle all voices of people who desire for the truth and employ means to reveal it through the internet. Another point is that after all, whether the information on the websites is accurate not depends on the people who spread the news, not the device itself. If human cast their blame on the internet for its distortion, others kinds of media, say, television and radio would not be spared. Equally important, faced with the reality that damaging feedbacks and news can appear at any times against people in online discussions or forums on the internet , they are actually learning to consummate themselves and become more cautious and responsible for their words which can sometimes determine the destiny of other people.

In the final analysis, I am in favor of the appearance and popularity of the internet for its undeniable contributions to our world, increasing people’s self-awareness, bettering crucial thinking and enriching our knowledge to the fullest extent, and the truth is that, until now, it is here to stay against all odds.


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