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Nutrition and Healthy Eating !

July 10, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.60   Views: 809

Basically what we need to do is to see that all food groups are given due importance and we reap maximum benefit from what we eat !


These days most people are health conscious and watch what they eat and are very careful in analysing about what is good for them and what kind of diet needs to be avoided..
Let us look at the different kind of food groups that help us keep our system in tip top condition besides helping us maintain a glowing skin,hair and looks..There are many myths and misconceptions about certain food items which may not be wholly true ! Every food item and food group has certain functions to perform that helps our system.

Taking them one by one ...

Red Meats -Even if you are concerned about cholestrol you can still eat a portion of red meat as long as your overall diet is low in fat ( which is less than 30 percent ). The recommended serving is 70 gms of red meat twice or thrice a week. However, one should remember not to over dress them with added spices , butter and ghee which only makes it less healthier.Instead try to include more vegetables,salads and dairy products as well in your daily diet if you want to eat red meat on a daily basis.

However, eating fish and poultry is certainly a better choice since they contain fewer calories and less saturated fat than most red meats.

Green Vegetables - Greens and vegetables are loaded with magnesium,potassium and calcium. Greens support our immune system by helping us absorb the nutrients in other food items, cleanse our body, give us energy, promote bowel function and last but not least help us control our weight. Green vegetables also eliminate toxins in our system and bad breath and inhibits Candida ( which is a yeast overgrowth found in the gut ).Vegetables like carrots , amaranth,sweet potatoes and drum stick leaves contain a lot of Vitamin A that is helpful in skin care.Parseley is another leafy vegetable which is very helpful in lowering blood pressure and also in fighting allergy reactions by inhibiting the production of Histamines.

Fruits – Like vegetables all fruits are good for you.They help you in retaining a healthy system and adds a glow to your skin and hair.If you have dry skin, eating papayas ans apricots may be a good idea , because the vitamin A in the fruit help our body manufacture more keratin , a substance that protects the skin from the elements.Most fruits like Mangoes,Oranges and Melons are also high in Vitamin A.

Pulses, Whole Grains, Legumes and Nuts - According to studies zinc and healthy levels of minerals are found in the above food items which are very essential for our system.Signs of deficiency of this particular food group include slow healing and an increased risk of infection.

Potatoes and Rice - Carbohydrates can have an impact on your health. They can cause blood sugar levels to spike,raising your risk of diabetes and heart disease. But there is no need to completely avoid any of these food items. The key is to include other foods that help us keep our blood sugar levels on an even keel.
This can be done by taking lots of vegetables along with starchy meals. Adding French Beans,Brinjal,Ladies finger,Tomatoes, Capsicum and also fibre rich foods like Papaya, Plums,Peas,Lentils and Pulses.One should also include lots of fruits in the daily diet.
Brown rice is a better choice since it is unpolished to a certain extent and retains some of the nutrients.

Cereals and Pastas - High fibre breakfast cereals made with bran and oats or even the home made ones which are made with roasted and coarsely powdered ragi, lapsi green gram ( Moong) are excellent when served with fruits and a few nuts like almonds and walnuts.
Look for pastas made with semolina which is a harder variety rather than ones made with maida.They are digested more slowly than even potatoes and refined flour breads .

Dairy products - Milk, yogurt,cheese,butter and ghee are all good in limited quantities.There is no need to forego butter and ghee completely since they do have essential fats that add a glow to our skin when taken in small qauntities. A glass or two of skimmed milk is good for the system , since it takes care of our body's calcium needs. Yogurt is a health food and it has immense health benefits.Low fat cheese like cottage cheese prepared from skimmed milk is a healthier choice so also Tofu made from soya milk.

Coffee - There is no need to feel guilty about consuming all those cups of java when you are working.Caffine may actually boost your memory.It causes part of the nerve cells associated with memory to grow and raises levels of calcium in the nervous system which in turn aids in long term recall .

Cakes, Icecreams , Chocolates and Pastries - Taken within limits they aid our digestive system and also adds to the enjoyment of having had a complete meal.One should take care not to over indulge . In fact this true of most food items except fruits and vegetables which one can eat away as much as one wishes without any fear !

A combination of oils for eg : ground nut oil, sesame seed oil along with small quantities of mustard oil and rape seed oil is a better option than using only sunflower oil or ground nut oil !
Similarly, one need not give up on fried food altogether. When you eat fried items like pakorahs or samosas include some vegetable salads and yogurt along with it to make it wholesome, which in turn has a balancing effect on your diet.

Basically what we need to do is to see that all food groups are given due importance and we reap maximum benefit from what we eat !


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