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Top benefits of body massage

July 10, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 811

This article gives complete information on the top benefits of body massage. It also briefs about what a body massage is and how could one benefit though it. Besides, it is also mentioned under what circumnstances one should avoid body massage for better understanding of the readers.


What is body massage?

Body massage is not a new concept as it has been in very much use since ancient times. It is a practice that is done on the human body to get relief from stress, pain, tiredness etc. It has an overall good affect on the body and improves the circulation of blood in different parts of the body. Since there are many types of body massage that exists today one need to choose the type that suits one better. It is always advisable to have a body massage from an experienced professional therapist. Besides, he/she would be the right person to advise you on the right type of body massage that would be helpful to you after a discussion with you. A body massage can be done by resting down on a flat ground, on a bed or by sitting on a massage chair. It helps one to be in a relaxed mood and keeping tensions at bay. It is also recommended by health experts in certain health conditions. Let us check out some of the important health benefits of body massages which are as given below:

Benefits of body massage

It is common that questions may arise in the mind of the beginners about what are the exact benefits of body massage ? Or why should one sought out for any such way of body treatments? Well, I would say wait and take out some time to read a bit further so that it helps you to understand why this type of massages have become so popular and important these days.

Gives pleasure and relaxation

It is an acceptable fact that when one lays down on the massage bed of a massage room it brings in a lot of peace to the mind and relaxation to the body. The atmosphere inside the massage room is completely soothing with dim light glowing and soft music playing in the breeze. Besides, the oil that is used for the massage helps in bringing aromatherapy effect which adds a little more dose on relaxation.

Frees the muscles from toughness

Regular work puts a lot of pressure on muscles and along with it stress and bad food habits directly or indirectly affects the muscles and they become too stiff and hard overtime. Here body massage helps the muscles together with ligaments and tendons to ease up which also helps in the circulation of blood and oxygen properly inside the body. Thus it also helps in relieving muscles from severe pains and aches.

Provides better control for regular problems

Stats and facts have proved the fact that those who get regular body massages have been successfully able to control regular problems like head-aches, back pains and fatigues. This fact itself speaks volume about the benefits of body massage in our day to day lives.

It helps in improving digestion

Another great benefit of body massage is that it helps in improving digestion. With the proper circulation of blood to different parts of the boy the intake of oxygen by the body increases which help in the easy digestion of foods and thereby improves digestion.

It is also helpful to the babies

Benefits of body massage is not only limited to adults only. Proper body massage to babies helps them to fall fast asleep. They have good and sound sleep which is so important for them at the tender stage so that all the biological functions within their body is maintained properly.

It also benefits to be mothers

Proper body massage during pregnancy helps in fighting out stress, tensions, anxiety etc. Besides, it also decreases swelling of arms and legs of the pregnant women. It also keeps pains at joints and muscles at bay. But if one goes through symptoms like nausea or vomiting then one should avoid body massage during pregnancy. In such, a case a professional therapist may ask for a doctor’s consent certificate before going for massage during pregnancy.

Gives proper nourishment to skins

Body massage is not only good to the muscles of the body but it also helps to rejuvenate the skin by opening the closed pores within it. The skin gets proper nourishment from the massage oil used for the purpose of massaging. Hence, there is hardly any better replacement other than body massage when it comes about giving proper nourishment to the skins of the body.

Calms the nerves

Body massage also relaxes the nerves of the body and thereby brings in a feeling of tranquility to our brain. Besides, it also activates the nerves and they function properly and thereby the inner circulation of the body is carried out properly. Nerves have connections with the brains as they help in sending massages to our brains and therefore we feel the good affect of massaging throughout our body.

Helps in fighting certain disorders and ailments

The benefits of massaging is also recognized by the medical science and therefore we find today doctors suggesting patients suffering from pains, stress and other physical and health disorders to have body massage regularly. Even in cases when medicines have failed to cure ailments massaging has done wonders for the common people.

It is also a good replacement for exercise

Those who shy away from physical exercise because of the unavailability of time or too much of physical labor or because of certain diseases have found a new dimension to gain health through body massaging. Having a body massage once a week or even twice in a month could do enough good to keep one physically fit and fine.

When should one avoid body message?

Though body massage has so much health benefits but one should know when and under what circumstances one should avoid it. If one has any health related problems and under medications then one should avoid body massages . Under certain health conditions like heart related problems, any recent surgery, fever, fractured bone, skin rashes etc. one should avoid body massage and should consult their doctors before going for any such massage therapy. Moreover, body massages should also be avoided incase one have the blood clots, weak bones and healing wounds.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/12/2012    Points:3    

It is good to have a body massage because it will boost our body energy and make our body fit and strong. Our human body has lots of weakness so it is our responsibility to understand it. A Good body massage will help us to fresh our body muscles and mind. It is good to have a body massage. There are many usefull benefits are there through this body massage. A very good article with great information. Keep it up and be safe yourself.

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