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Simple tips to prevent and cure sinusitis.

July 11, 2012  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1077

The article below discusses about sinus infection and simple tips to prevent and cure it.



In this modern world, all works are made easier. Everyone travels by vehicles. Most of the jobs are mentally stressed and doesn’t require any physical work. This is the main reason for sinusitis. The human nose consists of cells that purify the air, which is inhaled. The purified air is then sent to lungs. These cells are active when they are used .If they are not used they become inactive. They are active when human is doing work that involves fast breathing. This includes running, skipping, cycling etc. When a man is always idle, his breathing is normal and the cells are at rest. Hence the cells become inactive. When the cold things like ice creams are taken or the atmospheric temperature change from hot to cold. The impure air is inhaled. These inactive cells suddenly get the work. They cannot perform their work properly and blocks everything to get into lungs. It results in swelling, pain and running nose. This is called sinusitis.
Although there exists usual medical course of antibiotic prescribed by doctors, some alternatives to prevent and cure sinusitis are discussed below.


Exercises like running, jogging and skipping leads to fast breathing, which makes cells active. When you are running observe that you don’t stop until you are breathing fast. Cycling also is a good exercise for fast breathing.


Dust is also a major factor which leads to sinusitis, hence always stay away from dust. Keep the home clean from dust, use vacuum cleaners to suck the fine dust particles.
Purified water
Drink pure water. Avoid contaminated and underground bore well water; sometime the latter contains more salts which can affect throat. Try to avoid excessive chilled items from refrigerators.


Homemade foods are better as they are hygienic. Avoid oily and spicy food. Consumption of oily and excessive spicy food may worsen sinusitis. Some people are allergic to few fruits like lemon and orange; try to find out such fruits and avoid.

Inhaling steam

Take plain water in a bowl, boil it and inhale the steam of boiled water. This will open up the nasal blocks. When you feel the symptoms of sinus don’t forget to take steam. After every bath take the steam. Always take warm bath and dry hairs with a hair-dryer.


Take a glass of warm water, add salt to it and gargle. This may make you feel better as sinus also creates sore throat.

Mouth decays

The mouth infections may also lead to sinusitis. After every meal; rinse and clean the mouth if possible with a mouth wash. If you have any problem like teeth decays better consult dentist.


‘Prevention is better than cure’. Hence, always try to avoid being affected by sinus. Try to be physically dynamic. Perform exercises regularly. Keep your home and surroundings clean. Running, walking and manual works leads to fast breathe will make nasal cells active. This avoids blocks in cavities thus preventing sinusitis.


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