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Searching feature on Opera

July 12, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.40   Views: 669

Make your search feature more good and fast with Opera browser.


Search engines are becoming normal things in people’s life. I mean if someone is on internet then the most common site they used to open is some search engine for finding their important stuffs. Now even Browsers started giving those search engine option directly in the browsers. Now I have seen one good feature in Opera browser related to searching. Let’s see what it is.

Now every browser having default search engine option, using that we can search our things with default selected search engine. If we want to use some different search engine than we have to select that search engine as default one only than we will able to search with that particular search engine, or we have to open that search engine directly. But Opera have given one nice feature related to this searching facility. That can surely make our searching experience easier and quicker. Just go to Settings and then select Preferences into it. Now you will get Preferences window, select Search tab in that window. You will get the window like below image.

Just look this image carefully. You will found different search engines and keywords related to it. Now let me tell you how this thing works actually. On Opera we can search anything directly using any search engine with help of these keywords. Let me give you example. Forget which search engine you have selected as default one. Just remember those keywords.

Example 1 : Suppose you have to search ‘Games ’ via Google. Now keyword for Google search engine is ‘g ’. So on address bar search with keywords like ‘g Games ’. That will directly search your query with Google search engine because of that keyword.

Example 2 : Suppose you have to search same thing via Yahoo search. Then for yahoo they having keyword ‘y ’. So you have to search like ‘y Games ’, by this way you will get your search query using Yahoo search engine.

Isn’t it great? You can use any search engine directly like this way. Even you having one of default search engine but by this way you can make all of them as your default search engine. From that setting page, you can also edit those search engine and its keywords like below image.

As per above image, you can easily change the keyword like your own way. So now you can easily use multiple browsers easily and quickly. You can also add other search engines in this option.

Benefits of this feature:

Mostly people used to search daily on search engines like Google and Yahoo because they are famous. But using this feature we can use few interesting searching engine that is important but we don’t like to add them as default search engine as we don’t use them frequently. For example, as I said we can add other search engine too, so we can add search engine like flickers which is for searching photos. Means after adding flickers with proper keyword you can search your images directly with help of that flicker keyword. But you don’t need to put flicker as your default search engine for this thing.
Similarly, you can also use Wikipedia. You don’t need to open Wikipedia site for this. Just add Wikipedia keyword on address bar following the searching query. This will open Wikipedia directly with your search query. Isn’t it great? We can do many interesting searches like this way. We can add as many search engine like this way, and use them directly with help of keywords. So surely it is quite useful this way.

So this is it. I think this is the great feature provided by Opera. With this, we don’t need to be limited with one search engine. I mean we can have multiple search engines as like default search engine. And as I mentioned we can add some interesting search engine like flickers and Wikipedia, it makes this feature more unique and special. I haven’t seen such feature on any browser so far. But surely it is good and I guess every browser should adopt thing like this. I am sure this idea is welcomed by all users, mostly by those who are using multiple browsers together for their work purpose or other things.

I found it surely interesting and useful. Hope you liked this information too. Go for Opera search now.


Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/13/2012    Points:6    

Opera browser is one of the best and my favourite internet browser because of its features and performance. I also use opera mini in mobile. Some of the best features that available in opera browser are multitab which is very essential for every internet users. And another feature is the body design is very good and it will attract everyone. There are millions of internet users are using this browser because of this reasons. The speed of this internet browser is not at all bad. When we compared Opera to other browsers we can see that there are many features and facts are there in Opera than anyother internet browser. I believe that this are the reasons that took this browser to a great success in the history of internet. A very good article and keep it up.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 07/14/2012    Points:1    

I do not use this browser a lot. But I have nonetheless read this article just for the sake of information. I will certainly try this out.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/16/2012    Points:3    

Joseph.. Yes opera is having many good and unique features. Surely they are worthy in trying. I am using multiple browsers together, and opera is also one of them. And surely i like it because of its certain features.

Abhi.. Yes, its always good to have more information. Well, even you don''t use opera, but it is worthy, its some of features are certainly unique and good. You should try it for sure.

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