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Pre-monsoon safety tips.

July 12, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.25   Views: 1019

Monsoons are wonderful to enjoy. The landscape becomes green and its fantastic to enjoy the beauty of the nature. There are some safety measures which we all should take to keep fit and safe during the rainy season.


Monsoon are the favourite season for the farmers, children and many of us. Arrival of the monsoon bids farewell to the summer heat and discomfort. The greenery every where is pleasing to the eyes and mind. With the goodness of the monsoons are also associated its ills. This season can be a season of ill health if we are not careful. Spread of infections and accidents are common in monsoons due to heavy down pours. Natural calamities like flood may cause disasters and take away the lives of many. As we welcome the monsoons with much delight so should we also equip ourselves and our families with the precautionary measures to stay fit and enjoy the rains.

  • Drink pure hygienic bottled water or boiled, filtered and cooled water to remain disease free in the monsoon.

  • Do not forget to have your vehicles, two wheelers or four wheelers checked for any defects or faults pre-monsoons.

  • Get the drains cleaned thoroughly. Get all the cracks repaired in your home. Try to do away with the seepage problems on the walls, roof or any other place.

  • It is very important to look out if there are any loose wirings or electric switch defects at home. Try to do away with all the electrical faults.

  • Avoid staying long at crowded places. These places are sources of spread of viral and respiratory infections.

  • Use of antiseptics should be appropriate to prevent fungal infections due to dirty water, floods or mud slides.

  • Be cautious to what you eat, prefer home made food over ready made food. These can be carriers of germs and bacteria responsible for spreading diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and other gastrointestinal problems.

  • Beware of malaria, dengue, chikungunya or any other viral fever. These diseases are common in the monsoon season, neglect may lead to severe complications and even hospitalization.

  • Keep the kitchen clean. Beware of flies. Spend on the maintenance of all electric appliances. Prevent accidents.

  • Beware of pick-pockets. In times of heavy downpours at crowded market places or malls they get active.

  • Carry proper waterproof clothes when you are out doors. Proper foot wears protect you from a fall at slippery floors, roads or other places. Umbrellas and water proof bags should be used.

  • Make sure that you have your health insurance done pre-monsoons. This will be very useful at the time of any medical emergency situation.

  • Never drive when you are not well or are feeling giddy. Make sure you are fine before you drive your vehicle. If you had been taking some anti-allergic medicine be careful. Allergy, cough and cold are common symptoms during monsoon.

  • If you have to drive in a foggy weather, make sure the headlights of your vehicle are on and at low beam.

  • Take special care while you drive when its drizzling or raining. Accidents due to loss of traction and skidding of the vehicle are common incidents.

  • Drive slow, have patience in case of traffic jams, clean the wind shield as soon as it stops raining. Get more responsible on road.

  • Avoid driving through the water logged areas, it may result in electric system failure of your vehicle.


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