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Dry fruits and its many fold benefits

July 12, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.20   Views: 5936

This article gives complete information on dry fruits and its many fold benefits. You will get answers of questions like why it is essential to eat dry fruits and what are its benefits on the body and skin of the humans.


Dry fruits

Dry fruits and different kinds of nuts include cashew nuts (kaju) raisins (kismis), walnuts, almonds, peanuts and groundnuts. All these is the store houses of huge amount of proteins and therefore if these items are included in food charts then it would do a lot of good. This is also a kind of balanced diet because it supplies our body with the much required calories. Besides, these also play an important role in the beautification of our skin and hairs. Moreover, vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates etc. are available from dry fruits . In fact, the huge calorie requirement of our body is served by the dry fruits. Since I said that these dry fruits contain fats you may feel a bit worry but believe me there is nothing to worry. This is so because fats are of two types, that is, good fat and bad fat. In dry fruits there is good fat which is also known as essential fat. This fat helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body and also maintains the lipid profile properly.

Include dry fruits in your diets

Since dry fruits are the rich source of high calorie one should not stop other foods and merely depend on this because the amount of total protein that our body requires everyday could not be fulfilled by having only dry fruits alone. This means that we cannot skip a main meal and have dry fruits instead. But we can have these as an alternate supplement with morning and evening foods. For example, in the evenings if we are out of our house then instead of junk foods we can have dry fruits like almond and walnut which would do enough to fulfill the calorie requirement of our body. An adult person can have 20 gram of dry fruits in a day along with his/her usual breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Good for the growth of children

Dry fruits are essential for the children. For proper growth, development and supplying the body with rich supplements of protein there, hardly exists any alternative for dry fruits. Protein should be given to the growing children or else they will become weak and tired with minimal exertion. Lack of protein in their body may cause lack of attention in their studies and other important works. Therefore, it is essential to serve the children one table spoon of groundnut or peanut mixed in one cup of milk regularly. This supplies enough proteins and prevents quick tiring. Now-a-days, the energy bars that are sold by the different companies contain enough energy to meet the energy requirement of the body. Children between the ages of seven to twelve could have 12 gram of protein together with three regular meals of the day. But if a child is affected with diseases like diabetes and obesity this should be avoided.

What to eat, when to eat?

If the blood sugar, diabetes and lipid profile is higher then one cannot have any dry fruit according to one’s wish. In such a case, one needs to take the permission of a diabetic Ian. But it is also a fact that one do not need to avoid dry fruits from the word go. Only a particular type of dry fruit or nut is needed to be avoided in a particular disease. Again, if there is case of shortage in the body certain types of dry fruits are also recommended. For instance, those who have a low lipid profile are advised to take almonds because of its benefits. This could be applicable irrespective of any age groups. Besides, those women who work very hard they need static energy which is available from dates (khajoor). But this should not be consumed in excess or else different types of health problems may surface like rise in lipid profile, weight of the body etc. because dry fruit means excess calorie. A high lipid profile may give rise to different problems related with the human liver.

Some useful fruits

Among dry fruits and nuts the most beneficial fruit is coconut. The water inside the cell of coconut is natural and pure. It contains lots of potassium and less calorie therefore it is a favorite drink of summer. It keeps the human body hydrated and also supplies the necessary potassium and sodium to the body. Soft drinks and fruit juices are always not pure and glucose water is not enough to fulfill the requirement of the body. In the monsoon stomach related problems are very common and therefore it is better to drink coconut water rather than drinking water from outside. Coconut is very tasty to consume raw but it could also be consumed by cooking.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy coconut water is very beneficial because during this period potassium is much required by the body. After conceiving, peanut could be consumed. For pregnant women walnuts serves their purpose better than almonds because it has a rich content of vitamin B complex and essential amino acids which is much required during pregnancy.

Dry fruits are good for the skin

Dry fruits are also very good for the skin. They can be used for the beautification and proper maintenance of our skin. Some of the important tips to maintain the skin with dry fruits are as given below:

1) Applying a paste of almond and milk on the skin gives it a glowing look.

2) Mix saffron (zafran) with milk and apply it on the body. It will make the skin soft and smooth.

3) To remove sun tan mix, mix cashew and pesto with milk and apply it on your face regularly.

4) Coconut and milk paste mixture acts like a cleanser on the skin.

5) Make a facial pack with almond and the yolk of an egg and apply it on your skin. It will remove the unwanted lines from the skin.

A word for caution

It is always better to buy dry fruits from a branded company because the processing is done in a better way in branded companies. While buying packed food always pay special attention to the date of manufacture printed on the packets.

Author: Mohamadi Quadri        
Posted Date: 07/14/2012        

Very nice and informative article.

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