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Twitter Updates for Beginners- Explore Twitter Potential for Content Development

July 12, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 682

Fumbling on Twitter? Here is some help on changes in Twitter and how to access your account. This article will help you to Discover twitter and use it for promoting or writing your content more easily!


If you are new to Twitter, you may be facing some problems. Earlier, it was easier to find your re-tweets, tweets, direct messages and composing new tweets. Well, it is still the same but the whole process underwent a revamp. In fact, it is a lot easier now to find your re-tweets and messages. You just need to explore your Twitter page for a few minutes to digest the changes.

How to compose a new Tweet on Twitter

After you log in to your Twitter account, look to the left side. You can see a bar that says ‘compose new tweet’. That is where you can write your new tweet. If you want to add a link to the tweet, you can shorten the link by using tinyurl. Simply paste your link in tinyurl and you will get a shorter url. You can use this new url link with your tweet. This is good for freelance writers and those who wish to promote their content online via Twitter.

Streamlined Navigation on Twitter

After the changes, it is easy to navigate your Twitter account. On the home page itself, look to the left side bar, after you log in. Just below the Home, Connect and Discover options, you can see the Tweets, Following and Followers. You can see how many tweets you have until now. The number of followers and following are also on your home page. Just click on them to look at whom you follow or who follows you.

Check for Re-Tweets and Direct Messages on New Twitter

Earlier, you could see a list of replies on Twitter when you click on Direct Messages. Now it is more organized. You need to click on @connect button next to Home, on your top left page. Once you click on @connect, a new page opens. Here, again on the top left, you can see two options- Interactions and mentions.

When you click on Interactions, you can see the latest activities related to followers and following. It will show your re-tweets and new followers. You can see the icons of your followers and then decide to follow them or not.

When you click on Mentions, you can see all your replies and direct messages. This means, if you sent a direct message to any of your Twitter followers or members, the Mentions section has the replies. Here, you can see re-tweets and direct replies to your tweets.

Discover on Twitter

If you want to follow topics or people of your interest, click on Discover tab on Twitter. It will show you the activities of other members, who they follow or what they like. Moreover, you can also browse categories here. You click on Browse categories, which is a sub category under Discover tab. Here, you can browse everything including music, news, travel, technology, economy and anything under the sun.

For example, if you click on Health under the ‘browse categories’ tab, you can see a list of blogs, articles and content related to health on Twitter. This can be a CNN page, a health blog, an article or a health related website.

Use Twitter for Trending Topics

If you are a freelancer or a marketing expert or simply wish to get more views for your content, log into Twitter for a few minutes every day. In fact, if you login to Twitter few times a day, you can find a list of trending topics. Further, you can write or blog about these trending topics on your website or column to get more page views. If it is a trending topic, it means that more people are reading about it online. Hence, there is a higher chance of getting more page views per day.

As you jump into the Discover part of Twitter, you can get an update of the latest trends, the popular topics and discussions. This gives you enough scoops to come up with new content for your article. This in fact, seems to be the best way to beat the writer’s block. On the days when you are fumbling for topics, head to Twitter and you can find a lot of work for the day!

All these tips will help you make the most of your Twitter account. If you have not yet explored your Twitter account, it is time to do so! Twitter can help you get more views than ever and it is free. You get many views for no expense at all. Go ahead and explore your Tweets right away!

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/13/2012    Points:3    

There are many features and techniques are there in twitter than anyother social networking.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/13/2012    Points:3    

Twitter is one of the Social networking site and it has more features and different facts than other social network. The method used in this social networking site is different from others like we can''t chat to anyone unless that person follow us. And most of the famous personalities are in the twitter for there official announce. More than as a social networking twitter has also help us to earn money from it. Very good article and keep it up.

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