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Make Your Exercise Routine more Enjoyable

July 12, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 494

Bored of your exercise routine? Do you dread to workout? Maybe you need to re-think and revamp your exercise schedule. Get a partner, plug-in some lively music, do different machines or take a plunge into the pool. Here are more tips on making your exercise more fun and lively.


As kids, we all loved to run around and play for endless hours. As we grow up, we hesitate to play or exercise. We like to spend more time in front of the computer or the television. We constantly crib about the shortage of time. Yet, we do manage to have enough time to browse the net, chat online or watch a movie on the television. Why do we dread to work out as we grow up? Does exercise seem to be boring?

Exercise and Sweat Keeps you off

This may be one good reason not to exercise. You complain of the sweat and fatigue. After a long day at work, you want to flip on the couch, grab a bag of chips and watch the television. Well, after a few years, you will curse yourself for being so lazy. Moreover, exercise need not be boring and sweaty all the time. You can add more enjoyment to your exercise to make it fun and lively.

30 Minutes for Fitness and Toning

Yes, all you need are 30 minutes in a day. You can keep fit and tone your body if you work out only for 30 minutes every day. Well, if you do not want to sweat, you can choose to bike, swim or consider water aerobics. These can be fun and enjoyable during summer. If you do not mind the sweat but dread the regular treadmill cardio workouts, do not fret. You can still work out and have fun if you attend the aerobics, boot camp or other workout classes in the gym. Here, you will work out in a group.

The dance aerobics are ideal for people who want to have fun while they exercise. You dance away the body fat to your favorite tunes. At the end of 45 minutes, you will not even realize how time flew by. The result is that you burn more than 500 calories during aerobics! Combine an indoor cycling class with swimming and you burn a total of more than 1000 calories in 1.5 hours.

Find an Exercise Partner

True, it is boring to work out on your own. Check if any of your friends want to keep fit too. You can probably get a discount too. Some people workout as a couple. It can be friends or married couples. Whatever you do, if you exercise with your friends or a partner, you tend to remain focused on your fitness goals. These days, many people are interested in keeping fit and fighting obesity. Hence, it will not be too tough to find an exercise partner.

Exercise to Lively Music

Most of the health clubs and gyms have televisions. Some even play good music in the background. This helps to maintain a lively mood during a workout. However, if that does not work for you, consider carrying your own MP3 or iPod to the gym. Load your favorite movies or songs. You can watch or listen to them while you work out. These days, many people carry a novel, a book, or even an e-Reader to the gym. This way, they get to catch up on their favorite books while they exercise.

Also, try to change your exercise schedule regularly. Do not repeat the same workouts every day. Take a class on one day and swim on the other. Use different cardio machines to prevent monotony during exercise. All these tips will help you to remain active during your work out and you will really enjoy your exercise. Even though you feel tired before the exercise, soon after the workout you feel fresh and lively. It also helps you to sleep better and feel energetic during the day.


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