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Some important tips for secure internet banking

July 13, 2012  by: Hakimuddin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1240

Most of the people use internet banking for different purposes. In this article I am provide some tips which must be followed for safe and secure internet banking.


Internet banking is the need of modern age. Internet banking has decrease the work load of human being. You can pay your bill, you can recharge your mobile phone, you can book a ticket etc through internet banking. So, internet banking has reduced the work load and we have able to save our time and money. But if you are not do internet banking safely you may face a great problem and you may lose your money. So, in this article I am providing some important tips which must be followed for security reason.

Work on a private computer
Always work on your private computer. Do not use a shared computer or a computer of a cyber café. These computers may have a virus which can steal your user ID and password. So, always try to use a personal computer which is virus free.

Keep your user ID and password private
Do not expose your user ID and password to any person and never try to write this information on a paper. These are the most important thing which should be kept in mind. Your password must be a unique one which should not be guessed by any person.
Regularly change your password
When you open your main window of internet banking you see a message that your password is old. Whenever you see the message, immediately change your password. It should be your habit to change the password on regular basis. Your password must be a combination of alphabet, number and a special character.

Must have an antivirus software
Install a latest version of antivirus in your computer. Always try to update the software from internet. Updates are always available on internet. Use this software on regular basis and scan your computer for viruses and malware.

Close the bar
After completing the work never forget to log out . It is very important thing. Your bank also advice us to do so but we never follow. After log out close the bar .

High Security
All the banks provide high security. Use this facility to protect yourselves from cheating. In high security you will be provided a password before payment. This password would be sent to registered mobile only. You can also use one time password which the most important facility provided by the entire major banks.

Virtual key board
If you are using a shared computer or a computer in a cyber café, always use virtual key board. To use this key board enable it in main window. It the safest way to use a cyber computer.

Type full URL
Always type full url of the site and never select a url from existing urls. It would be harmful for your bank account and for your computer also.

Latest version of Operating System
Install a latest version of operation system in your computer. These versions always use high security and inform us about suspicious activities and suspicious sites.

So, you can protect yourselves from cheating or fraud by following above mentioned tips.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/15/2012    Points:1    

Excellent article and very useful tips.One has to be very careful these days since the unscrupulous people are trying to be always one step ahead ..
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/17/2012    Points:2    

Those are surely useful tips for net banking. Net banking is useful way of banking, but there are some risks involved in it. But yes if we follow above steps and be careful, it is surely safe and quite helpful. Nice article friend. Keep it up.
Author: Dr.Jaswant Singh        
Posted Date: 07/22/2012    Points:1    

useful tips if we follow these steps our banking will safe.thankyou bro

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