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How a life of comfort and luxury is affecting us?

July 13, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 636

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on how a life of comfort and luxury is affecting us. Besides, it also provides proper solutions to the problems which normally we do not pay any attention. The fact is that a slight change in our approach and attitude could prevent us from committing big mistakes which we are doing in our regular life.


The part and parcel of modern life

Modern life is changing a lot and becoming just the opposite of what it was before. In the present so called modern life we find people going to their bed at around two pm to catch a short cozy sleep in their air-conditioned bed room. Again, when it is not even eight am in the morning they somehow swallow their breakfast and move inside their AC car to get down at the door step of their office which of course is also fully air-conditioned. Next, they will come out of it at nine pm. Do not you think what a comforting life is it? Well, the multinational companies also understand that since their employees have to work so hard, this much comfort is the minimal what they can offer to their employee.

Effects of modern life

But wait! If this sort of life seems to you a rosy one let me clear your doubt. Too much rest and relaxation in our modern life is giving pace to different types of diseases and as a result our life line is getting shortened. We and our life is getting disabled every second, minute and hour. Men has become so much involved with the so called modern status symbol life style that now it seems impossible to live a life for a moment without these. Our regular life style is getting not only controlled or monitored by the refrigerators, washing machine, cars, and air-conditioners but also with junk foods, cosmetics, sleeping late at night and getting up late, doing less physical work regularly, eating packed or tinned foods etc.

How a life of luxury and comfort affects our life?

Now, let us find out how a life of luxury and comfort is affecting our life and what can we do so that we could live a healthy and well balanced life rather than a mechanical life. Let us take a walkthrough to find out about the various dos and don’t of our life

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D occurs when the human body does not get enough sunshine. As a result we get prone to diseases like rickets, heart related diseases, infections and even cancer. Lack of vitamin D causes both mental and health related fatigue. Surveys proved the fact that among the cancer patients Vitamin D is what lacks the most. Hence, too much of luxury and comfort in regular life is getting one closer to diseases. Let me aware you with the fact also that not only the executives that are affected with this but also the house-wives and even school going children are severely affected with it. For the simplicity of your understanding, I am giving you an example that with the evolution of shopping malls the culture of shop hopping by the house wives has vanished sometime back. Another burning example of this for the sake of your understanding of the matter is that parents since they have only child getting their son admitted to AC schools. Hence, the simple theory of the benefits of sunshine is also becoming somewhat extinct. To tell you the truth, what makes things worse is that by sitting in a cool room the people are becoming physically weaker and together with it there is always the ongoing problem of frequent cough and cold. Even the level of energy of the human body is getting vulnerable in such a scenario. The human body is getting prone to diseases because of too much of temperature of outside and too cool a temperature inside the room. Besides, when one lives in a cold temperature continuously the blood vessels get narrow and circulation of blood also gets disturbed to an extent and gives rise to joint pains. Those who have allergy they are more affected with AC and therefore it is necessary to open the doors and windows to let fresh air and sunshine inside the room at least once in a day.

What could be done?

Together with good diet at least for half hour one needs to be in sunshine. Even the sunshine that comes through the glass windows of buses, cars, homes and offices would do us enough good. If one avoids sunshine completely then their will be shortage of calcium in one’s body. But it is always advisable not to get exposed to sunshine directly because the ultraviolet ray damages the skin. This could even give rise to irritation in the hands and legs and our skin may even get tanned. Applying sunscreen is essential because it works for around six to seven hours. If you apply water resistant sunscreen then it does not get washed away with sweat and water and could be used throughout the year.

Soft or cold drinks

In summer the demand for soft or cold drink gets sky rocketing. But if we consume these too much it would affect our teeth and bones and get them eroded very easily. This even results in obesity among the youngsters. Since soft drinks contain too much of sugar our body gets dehydrated very easily. It also contains fructose corn syrup which could cause diabetes, heart diseases and even fatty lever.


The use of mixer grinder is becoming less as more and more people are relying on the spices paste that are available in the market. This also helps the house wives as the foods are cooked much faster with these. But what one does not know is that at what temperature is these spices were kept or what is the idle temperature to keep these spices. Hence, there is a huge controversy whether these pastes should be used or not.

Potato chips

Who does not love these spicy crispy chips? Both the youngsters and the elders love them right from the word go. These contain a psych symmetric affect which helps in decreasing depression. But we should not depend too much on it and try to find the real causes for our depression. But the problem is that the chips contain too much fat and salt which is very harmful for our health. Since these are prepared at a high temperature they break the nutrients of the body and release a chemical which have a very bad impact on our health.

Canned fruits and vegetables

Gone are the days when we used to taste fruits and vegetables according to the availability in a particular season. Now, within a distance in the departmental stores or shopping malls we can get any vegetables and fruits. This are available in air-tight containers but these canned fruits and vegetables have more damages then benefits. To preserve these foods sodium chloride (salt) or sodium citrate, monosodium glutamate is used. Sodium increases the blood pressure and decreases the calcium of the body. This type of vegetables contains more sugar contents because to make them more tasty syrup is used. These canned foods loose essential nutrients and vitamins when they are processed and tinned.

Frozen food

Fresh fruits are better than frozen fruits because frozen fruit looses vitamin C very rapidly. But frozen vegetables are either not bad because the vegetables are packed when they are fresh. Though small amount of vitamin C is lost in the process of boiling before finally packing but still frozen foods are better than the vegetables found in our refrigerator. Vegetables should be washed properly with water first so that dirt, bacteria and pesticides get removed.

Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are common in most of the houses today. Stored food is eaten by heating in it very quickly. By this process the essential vitamin B12 which protects against anemia and helps in the manufacture of red blood cell gets lost in most of the foods. When food is heated in microwave, flavonoid which protects against cancers, gets destroyed around 97 percent. It is true that heating foods in microwave Is better than boiling because it retains the vitamins but other essential nutrients are lost through the process which is must for the human body.


It is wrong to preserve food in the refrigerator and eat it for seven days. Maximum it should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than two days. Inside the refrigerator there are different types of temperature in different parts and one need to understand this fact before keeping any food stuffs inside it. For instance, fishes and meat should be kept in deep freezer, in the bottom shelf keep fruits and vegetables and butter, water, eggs etc. should be kept at the freeze door. In the middle shelf keep cooked foods. Take small quantities of food and heat it according to your requirement. Do not keep hot food inside your refrigerator. If you keep fruits in the refrigerator in two consecutive days make sure to eat the fruits that you kept inside on the first day. Yes, the process should go on as first in and first out basis. It is good to keep your food inside your refrigerator because this prevents the growth of microbes on it.

Skin tight jeans

Though skin tight jeans are very much in fashion but latest surveys state the fact that these jeans should be avoided because these could lead to nerve related diseases. This is a type of nervous disorder and this is happening because these jeans are tightly fitted to the skin. Hence, wear loose clothes as these will keep illness at bay.

Getting up late from bed

After full night sleep when you get up in the morning you need a heavy breakfast. This is so because this will provide you energy throughout the day to work. If you get up late it would mean skipping breakfast which means you get devoid of any energy from the very beginning of the day. Even the exercises that need to be done in the morning would not benefit you fully if you do it in the evening. This is so because after you get up from sleep your muscles remains light and relaxed and when you do exercise in this state you can reap maximum benefits. You can never expect better result by doing exercise in the evenings because you remain tired and it would only be like wasting your time and hard labor. Hence, try to get up in the morning and make good beginning with regular exercise so that you can utilize the rest of the day productively.


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