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Limitations and Cons of Herbal Medication

July 13, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 632

Herbal remedies are natural and organic. They are less harmful than prescription medications. Well, an overdose of herbal remedies can be dangerous too. Herbal remedies are not FDA approved and not tested before they enter the market.


Today, many people prefer to take ayurvedic and herbal medications instead of the prescription medications at a pharmacy. Well, the regular prescription medicines enter the market after FDA approvals, tests and trials. On the other hand, the herbal supplements do not have FDA approvals. They do not undergo many trials and tests too.

Instead of reading only about the exceptional benefits of herbal medications, it is advisable to read both pros and cons of herbal and ayurvedic remedies. Even though these are natural medications, some people may be allergic or sensitive to certain herbal remedies.

Check For Dosage

Do not assume the herbal supplement dosage. Instead, read the labels or better still, consult your physician. Some herbal medicines work well when consumed in smaller doses. A few herbal supplements are good when you take them once a week and so on. Hence, always use them as per directions mentioned in the label or by the doctor.

Diet and Herbal Medication

For prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, you need not follow any strict diet. In fact, you can eat your regular meals but have to keep away from alcohol. With holistic medication and herbal remedies, you need to follow a stricter diet. This can be a con for people with busy schedules, who do not have time to make special foods for every meal. Moreover, while on herbal medication, you cannot eat too sour and sweet foods.

Cons of Herbal Medication- Time Consuming

Not all herbal remedies work wonders within a few hours. This is unlike the prescription medicines that give instant relief. With the holistic therapies, the results are good but they take a lot of time. Sometimes, you have to take smaller doses of herbal medicines for several weeks in order to get rid of a pain or a rash.

Well, on a broader perspective, herbal medicines may be a good remedy for skin problems, pimples, face cleansing and as laxatives. For serious illnesses like heart problems and fractures, it is best to opt for regular medications. In fact, people suffering from constipation and piles can find relief in herbal remedies. These are safe and mild on the stomach.

The advocates of herbal medication and those in favor of holistic therapies will recommend them. Of course, herbs are good for your health. In fact, these days, calming oils and herbal teas are even popular for weight loss and stress relief. Many people have found help from herbal remedies to get rid of such ailments like stress, obesity and constipation. Thus, consult your doctor before you begin a therapy or medication. Herbal remedies work on a trial and error format. If it works for you, herbal remedy is a lot better than the prescription medicine.


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