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Relatively lesser known places of Interest across the World !

July 14, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.40   Views: 936

There are scores of such places which are waiting to be discovered and admired by the world for their uniqueness and beauty ..


These are some of the lesser known wonders of the world or one may call them interesting places that are not famous yet , however, they are in no way less than the other more well known and famous places that are frequently written about and have become popular tourist destinations !I am sure that there are scores of such places which are waiting to be discovered and admired by the world for their uniqueness and beauty !

A few that comes to my mind are as follows

The ancient city of Bagan, Burma

Mandalay - Burma part of the peninsula, where lies the incredible beauty of the ancient city of Bagan. This magical place is called by different names - "Arimaddanapura", "Tampadipa" and "Tassadessa, and it was the ancient capital of several Burmese kingdoms. Pagan - is the only non-recognized World Heritage sites which is on this list. The reason is that the ruling council was unable to rebuild the ancient place in accordance with the original architectural style, but instead used modern materials that seem out of place here. And yet it is one of the small wonders of the world, which is definitely worth a visit.Travelers are now becoming aware of places like this and show their keenness to visit these lesser known architectural wonders !

Stone fortress Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Built over 1500 years ago, during the reign of King Kassapa I, between 477 and 495 years BC, Sigiriya, also known as "Lion Rock" is simply an amazing ancient stone fortress and palace ruins on the island of Sri Lanka.Built on a rocky mountain top, it is now become a popular place among tourists surrounded by the remains of gardens and ponds, which were once here. Sigiriya is one of seven World Heritage sites on the island, famous for its ancient frescoes, like those that can be seen in the caves of Ajanta in India. At that point of time , people lived in prehistoric times, and the historical record suggests that it was used as a mountain monastery from 5th century BC onwards and had a thriving civilisation that has left its many impressions and mark at the site of Sigiriya right through all these years.

Banaue Rice Terraces

This is one more incredible sights that holds visitors spell bound .On the territory of more than 4000 square miles at an altitude of 1,524 meters above sea level in the mountains Ifuago in the Philippines you will find what the locals call the "eighth wonder of the world" hand-carved terraces on which the rice plantation has been growing for more than 2000 years. Ancient people have done the job for more than one generation, and terraces are irrigated by water from the tropical forests above them. People work on them to this day and earn their livelihood . It is believed that if these terraces are built one after the other, the result is a line that can go around the world. Truly a miraculous and awesome sight !

Tower of Hercules, Galicia

It is believed that the Tower of Hercules has been around since the 2nd century. The inscription on the base of the foundation tells us about the Roman engineers "Seviuse Lupus, and records of the tower can be traced up to 415 AD. The view from the 54-meter lighthouse overlooking the northern coast of Spain is Spectacular . The original tower had an external entrance, where they burned wood as a cautionary sign. In 1788, King Carlos IV gave a decree for the construction of the facade around the tower, which stands to this day.This Tower is the oldest Roman building, functioning as a full beacon.

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India

The ancient caves of Ajanta are religiously important structure situated in Maharashtra, India. These amazing caves are known for their incredibly detailed paintings and sculptures belonging to the genre of Buddhist religious art. From the 2nd century onwards people lived in these caves for almost 300 years. But ,later for more than 1000 years the caves of Ajanta had stood empty and untouched, until 1819, when a British army officer from Madras came across the entrance to one of the caves quite by accident , while hunting.
This discovery of Captain Smith as the army officer was called left a great legacy for future generations ! Today of course it is a weell known tourist destination and also a heritage site !

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 07/15/2012    Points:3    

You are absolutely right. These are indeed the places that are little known. At least for me they are. The serene beauty of these places has really bowled me over. If these places look so beautiful in the pictures, how amazing and breath-taking they might look in real life. Nice post and good information.

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