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The Power of Faith - Part 4

July 15, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 666

There is now all the hustle and bustle and the boys seem dont seem to understand what to do.


Then once again Somnath got up with a vengeance. All the boys were afraid to the core. But this time, it was quite contrasting. It seemed as if Somnath had lost all his power. He had grown weak. He could not even stand up properly. As he tried to stand, he lost his balance and fell down with a thud. He seemed to have lost control over himself. He gave the impression as if some other power was controlling him. He suddenly started kicking vigorously. He jerked his legs and hands about. He fell topsy-turvy, made all kinds of sounds, grabbed his hair and uprooted quite a few.
During all this none of the boys dared calm Somnath down. All wondered what had happened to their dear friend.
“Nandu”, Rahul called Nandu over to him, “Go and send a word to Somu’s house first. Then go to each one of our parents. And this time for God’s sake, please be serious. No one wants to hear any rubbish from you. And yes, one more thing, don’t tell exactly what took place here. Just tell them that Somu is not feeling well and we all are here with him. Go. (Turing to Rahul) Rahul please go and inform those field workers there yonder.”
“I will. I will. Do not worry at all. I will tell exactly as you have asked me to.”
Nandu ran and ran his heart out and reached the village before long. Soon he reached Somnath’s house. Somnath’s house was a big one. Nandu, who already knew it was impossible to go physically everywhere and call someone from inside the house, started yelling at the top of his voice.
“Somu’s mother, Somu’s father where are all of you? Come fast out. Come fast.” The sharpness in Nandu’s yelling just could not come down.
“Who is it? What happened? Why on earth are you yelling like this, as if something untoward has taken place?”
(After seeing Nandu) “Oh it’s you, Nandu.” It was Somnath’s father out there. “What is the thing boy? What happened? Why are you yelling like this?”
Almost immediately Somnath’s mother too appeared on the scene.
“What is it Somu’s father? Who has come?” She enquired.
“It is Somu’s friend, Nandu.” He replied.
“What’s the problem, Nandu?” both of them asked in chorus.
“Please all of you come with me to the farms. Somu is not feeling well.”
As soon as Somnath’s mother heard this, she lost control over herself. She felt weak in her knees and almost collapsed. She had a great bonding with her son and so had Somnath’s father. But after all he had to remain calm and could not react as sharply as his mother.
“Control yourself, Mother. Nothing has happened to our Somu. Nandu said that Somu is just not feeling well. Common let us go, fast. Common.”
(Turning to Nandu) “Do one thing, Nandu. Go and tell the neighbors too. Inform all the boys’ parents who are in the fields. Let them all come. It will be good to have some helping hand, if there is any emergency.” (Looking at his wife) “Though, I am confident that our Somu is ok.”
“I was also going to do precisely the same thing. Anyways, Vikas had told me to do so, as you have now.”
Back there in the field, all this while, Somnath was lying on the ground. His head was supported by Vikas’s lap. Soon around 10 to 12 adults arrived at the spot. Somnath’s parents were the first to arrive on the scene. As soon as Somnath’s mother saw her son lying like a log with no movement, eyes closed, she too fell down.
She knew that her beloved son had fallen unconscious. But no one was ready to say to her this so openly. She had to be controlled with great efforts. She was on the brink of being unconscious. She sat down cross-legged and just kept staring at her son. She made no sound neither did she show any affection towards Somnath. All the boys were trying to make her understand her that, there is nothing great and anything to fear for the thing that Somnath was going through. He would be soon quite all right. Somnath’s father laid his head in his own lap and spoke to him softly.
“My son, I always tell you not to play so hard. See I know that you are fit and in good physical shape to play outdoor-games. But much of anything is always unwelcome. I hope you have not hurt yourself so much. Now it is time for us all to go home. Am I Right? Is it fair for you to sleep here like this? Get up. See your mother too is here and all the others too. She is waiting for you to get up. She wants to carry you all the way home.” He looked at his wife, “Savita. Come on. Somu is waiting for you. Savita.”
Savita, Somnath’s mother, still was staring blankly. Her senses had gone numb. The emotions had overpowered her.
“Savita, you don’t feel anything for your son? See how he is lying here. Common speak to him. Say something to him. You are his mother or what? You aren’t feeling anything for your darling son?” Somnath’s father held her by her arms and pushed her back and forth. Still she was blank. She seemed to have lost her consciousness. “See, Savita, your son isn’t speaking a word. Look at him.”


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