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The Power of Faith - Part 5

July 15, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 673

It is now time to take care of Somnath''''s mother as well. She is in a shock after hearing the news of her son.


Savita looks at Somnath – but that too uninterestedly and blankly.
Other people there too, realized that the situation was getting worse.
“Look at him.”
Savita simply set her eyes on Somnath.
“Cry for him, bhabhi, cry.” Someone said.
“It’s important that she comes to normal.” Someone else whispered to the other.
With great efforts Savita came back to her normal self. And she simply happened to see Somnath. And she was greatly taken aback.
“What happened to you Somu?” cried she. “Who hurt you, my baby? What have you got yourself into? Don’t leave your mother like this. Will you want your mother to cry like this? Even if you are just a kid, you always wipe your mother’s tears. They are flowing in abundance now. Now why don’t you get up and wipe them off? Tell me who else other than you will do it. Get up my child. See I am here, your father is here. All the villagers too have come to see as to what happened to my kid. Tell them that you are fine. Get up and say as I told you. They are waiting to hear it from you. Why are you lying here like this? Come. Come let me carry my sweetheart in my arms. Is this the place to sleep? Get up and come with me. I know you are perfectly good and nothing has happened to you. Nothing can happen to you.”
Turning to Somnath’s father, “See Father, Somu is not answering me. Why is he doing so? Please ask him to listen to me.” Turning again to Somnath’s friends, “At least you boys listen to me. Advise your friend about what I am pleading for.”
“Calm down Savita, calm down. Don’t speak any nonsense like this. And please have control over yourself.” Somnath’s father tried to calm things down.
“Let us first hear what actually has happened. We do not know anything still and are jumping to conclusions. This is like making a mountain out of mole hill.”
“But after all I am his mother. How can I see my child in this state? How can a man understand a mother’s heart, a mother’s feelings?”
“And all males are devoid of emotions. Am I Right?”
“Oh now stop for God’s sake. You grown up people too are fighting. Learn something from the kids who were playing here and yet not fighting.” The village chieftain, who too had arrived on the scene until then, said. “Let’s first take him to the nearby hospital.” He suggested.
“In my opinion, there is no use of taking him to the hospital. He is not feeling well due to some supernatural power has overtaken him. What will the doctor do?” One elderly looking figure said.
“Oh please do whatever you feeling correct, but cure my child now.” Somnath’s mother begged.
“There’s nothing like the supernatural power”, the village chief said. Somnath fell ill because he might have eaten something wrong or the summer heat might have given him sunstroke. There is nothing to fear and going to the doctor is the only way out, in my opinion.” He concluded.
It was then decided that Somnath would be taken to the hospital in the nearby village that had all the modern technologies available. But when the doctor heard the entire case, he was not ready to attend to Somnath. He thought there was something amiss with the patient.
Moreover, what would a farmer from a village pay him? He would then miss the patients who would pay him more. Feigning shortage of time and the need of emergency to attend to the patient, the doctor avoided treating Somnath.
They ran to different hospitals, but got more or less the same answers. Frustration was creeping in and time was running out for Somnath. Finally, they returned home. Somnath’s mother had the one and only hope of Shri Swami Samartha. She knew her faith was strong enough to cure her kid.
She applied the vibhuti – the sacred ash that falls from the incense sticks, to Somnath’s forehead. She made him consume it by giving it through a glass of water. Believe it or not, the vibhuti and the faith in Shri Swami Samartha worked. Somnath felt much better. In the course of the time, he became totally healthy like before. But what caused him the supernatural illness remains a doubt for all the villagers.
Somnath’s maternal uncle, Janardan, happened to drop in suddenly. Actually he was not aware of all these developments. But his unexpected presence was a boost to his sister savita. He did all he could to help his sister’s family. However, he had not come to his sister’s place just for passing his time.
As a matter of fact, he had come there hoping to get some work in Chandrapur. He thought as his brother-in-law was a respected man in the town he would get a job through his contacts. When things settled down in Savita’s family and Somnath got normal and healthy, Janardan, spoke out his wish. Mr. Kumar knew a landlord and thought his brother-in-law would get some help from him. Kumar asked Janardan to get in touch with the landlord.
Janardan was poor to the core. In spite of working honestly, he did not get his dues. Naturally, he was very frustrated. This had a bad impact on him. His belief from honesty, and humanity was dissolving fast.
One such fine day, he was reading himself to go for work. He was quite happy, because it was his birthday. He had special plans for himself. Even if poor, he wished his birthday to be a memorable day.


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