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Nimbuzz !! Best Socializing tool

July 15, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.30   Views: 1003

Great application for mobile phones and for the social sites loving people.


Mobile technology is improving very fast. Every people are now using smart phone for having great gaming and app experience. We can see new games and software launching every day and because of this app market for smart phone is full of lots of useful apps. Some are okay and some are very useful among them. Let’s talk about one useful app which should be in all phones, especially in youngster’s phones.

I am talking about Nimbuzz. This app is available for almost all smart phones and it is very useful. I have mentioned that it’s quite useful especially for youngsters because this app is all about socializing and most of the youngsters are very much in this concept. New generation is totally crazy about socializing.

Using nimbuzz people can stay connected on almost all famous social sites like facebook, twitter, yahoo, etc. They can share anything on these social sites using this app from their mobile. And there are many more useful features available. Let’s talk about them.


Calling Features:
Nimbuzz allows free calls between the nimbuzz users. We can call to any our friend who having nimbuzz app on their phone. Calling on nimubzz to nimbuzz is totally free. Nimubzz also allow calling on other mobile and landline phone with international call in very cheap rate. So it can be very useful.

Text messaging:
We can easily SMS to our nimbuzz friends for free even they are offline. Nimbuzz allow us free messaging, photo sharing, music sharing and videos sharing between the numbuzz friends. So we can save lots of money on such messaging which can be costly on local network.

This is the best. You can connect with each social site using this app. You can also share your updates on all social sites with only one click. You can also import all your contacts from these social sites on your nimbuzz app. With this app you can able to stay connected with all your friends where ever you go.

You can use nimbuzz everywhere, on phone, on your computer and also on your browser. So it is available on almost all platforms. With nimbuzz you can connect with all your friends instantly on all social sites and with N-world you can challenge your friends for gaming.

So for me this is really good software to have on every mobile. It is totally free which is making it better. It is quite useful and famous app among the youngsters who are more interested in socializing. Best one for them. It is quite good for other people too. I mean who don’t want to get in touch with friends and family members. And this is the best way for doing the same.


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Nimbuzz !! Best Socializing tool
Great application for mobile phones and for the social sites loving people.


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