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Share your internet connection via WiFi

July 15, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.30   Views: 1099

Share your internet connection with more devices using wifi.


Wifi is the great technology using it we can connect two devices without wire. There are many use of this great technology; and among them I liked this one most.

I am talking about sharing our internet using wifi with other wifi enabled devices. It is like making our own wifi hotspot (our computer as router) with password and security. Yes we can share our internet using wifi from our wifi enabled laptop or computer. There are few technical ways by which we can share our internet using wifi but they are too complicated and not more people know about them. But the way about which I am talking is very easy and requires no technical stuff. There are few software using which we can easily share our internet over wifi without having any technical knowledge and also no additional hardware required. They are quite easy in use and useful too.

Just think about benefits of such software. We can share one internet connection with multiple wifi enabled devices at our home. No need to go for multiple internet connections or headache of connecting all of them via lan wires. Using such software we can easily share internet over wifi and all members at home can enjoy same internet connection on their individual devices. By this way we can also save money by not going for individual internet connections for all members and devices. And don’t you worry about security, as we can select our own password for sharing internet no unknown person will able to connect without permission.

Now let me tell you about good software for the same purpose.

About Connectify Software

Let me tell you about Connectify software, using which we can easily share wifi connection with other wifi devices. Download the software on your windows operating system from here:


There is paid and free version. But for normal use we can go for free version with less feature, but there are enough features to share out internet connection. After downloading you will get the small window at the bottom right side of the screen like below image.

As shown in image you can give any name to your hotspot, you can also select the password for your hotspot if you want, it is optional feature. But better you go for protected connection that is recommended. From internet to share section you can select any internet connection from your active connections to share. After starting hotspot your particular selected internet connection is now ready for sharing purpose. Just search in available wifi internet connection from your wifi enabled device, and you will able to see the name of wifi connection you created using this software. Just select it and you can use it without problem. Isn’t it easy? It works great for me, and I hope you enjoy it too. You can install it on Windows xp or higher windows operating system.

Few similar software using which we can share our internet via wifi

Connectify: This one is my favorite. It is very simple and easy in use. It is free too. We just need to install this software and this software can easily share your internet with other wifi devices. I have already explained about this one in above paragraph in detail. I have only experience with this software and it is working fine for me. All other mentioned below, I have never used it, just hear about it.

Mhotspot : This software is also good which works the same way. This software works on all windows platform too.

Maryfi : This one works only under windows 7. But it’s good too.

Virtual wifi router : Another similar software for sharing the internet over wifi.

So these are some software which can be used for sharing internet over wifi. Personally I will suggest you the first one, connectify, because I have full experience with it and works great for me for the same purpose. Others may be good or not but I don’t have more experience with them.

So this is it. This is great thing to know, and I am sure many of you will like it. It is surely useful, as we can share one internet connection with multiple devices. But those devices should be wifi enabled. And I guess having wifi in devices like smart phone and laptops/computers is quite normal thing. Right? So it can be helpful in many ways. I hope you will like this information.


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