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The Privacy Of Your Own Salary Part 3

July 15, 2012  by: Marlo E.  Points: 12   Category: People    Views: 744

I''''ve personally never understood why that topic is so taboo. I understand not telling complete strangers because there is seemingly no point to that, but telling friends and family seems normal.


Hope this last part will gives you all the confusing part about the issue. Even we read all those parts of the articles, we ourselves are the one who decided whether you reveal or keep on private.

Raises are giving out on a performance bases, therefore if they do not perform well as other they don't receive pay raises as often.

Well I've personally never understood why that topic is so taboo. I understand not telling complete strangers because there is seemingly no point to that, but telling friends and family seems normal. I think if I was telling a friend about a new job I got or was talking with a friend I haven't seen in a while it would come up. I guess the only time it seems awkward is if the people talking are close to retirement age because then it's almost asking for an estimate of financial standing.

Except to my wife, I don't usually tell my salary to others. It's not that I have big salary but I have such a just about average salary which I think it is lower than my friends who are younger and they earn more than me. I would feel ashamed if I tell them my salary. It's best that I keep it for myself and while I am now looking for a new job with better salary, I just want to get rid of this shame feeling because my current job does not worth that salary, it's much more.

That to me is personal information and none of anyone else business. I think that when other people talk to me about their salary, they just really come across as bragging and just being a bit arrogant when you think about it. That is of course if they are telling the truth and with something like that, I am bit skeptical.

After two parts of this matter have been giving us we are still asking ourselves is it appropriate of telling our monthly, daily income to others. Or it is the discretion of the person whether she/he will reveal. How about to our family? Is it must to tell them because of many reasons or still just private on you? These questions are known to us and we know the right and wrong, the necessary and important thing for us. We know what are the best and good for our family.

Did you decide whether to kept private or happy to reveal?


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