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Strange Stories of Incarnation

July 15, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 546

Though there are too many incarnation stories emerging around the world, there are still more questions regarding this to arrive at a clear picture


What Really happens After Death

I do hear some strange stories from my grand father every now and then. These stories are all real life stories of those olden day's which is really very interesting to hear. When the population at his times were far less than today, people have experienced a lot of strange things at those times which are not believed by people of today. Now life is very fast and people don't have time for anything as they just seem to be hurrying on everything in life. I remember my grandfather telling me about one his friends who actually got up from his death bed right at the time of burning him ! Though this incident was really shocking and my grandfather was an eye witness there, people of today will not believe this. It is sad that as son as he got up from his death bed, one more person at a distance died right at at the same time ! so it is said that after death,
our soul will still be alive and it will just leave our body at the time of death.

Remembering Life of Previous Birth

The other day there was one news which appeared in a daily newspaper which was referring one small boy of just 12 years old remembering about his previous birth. His parents got shocked when he started telling about so called parents of his previous birth and in fact he could recollect some of the real fact stories occurred in his previous birth. He even told him about his family and the place where he lived in which made his parents to take him to his previous birth parents and tried to match the stories he told about them and they were really shocked when they did meet the parents of his last birth and also all the incidents or the real life stories of last birth was so true ! I was getting excited in reading this story and searched for some more such incidents of incarnations. There were many real life stories on incarnation in the internet and also in some old books which made me believe that incarnation is not completely wrong and there is something in it for sure. Only time might give some more light on these strange but true stories of incarnations


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