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Review of Toshiba U840 Ultrabook

July 16, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.60   Views: 794

There are some really wonderful features in the Toshiba U840 Ultrabook. However, some downsides are also prominent that may force the users to give it a second thought.


The new Ultrabook from the house of Toshiba is certainly a budget friendly gadget. Priced reasonably taking into account the performance and the results one gets from it, there is no looking back on the Toshiba U840 Ultrabook. Let us get into some more details about the Ultrabook.

The design
The Toshiba U840 ultrabook is slimly built and looks elegant. The thin look has made the gadget a light product. It weighs just about only 1.5 kg. So that is not at all bad considering that it is an ultrabook. The edges will not hurt you and are safe to handle. The ultrabook makes use of plastic and aluminium to make up its body and chassis. You can open the lid of the ultrabook to as far as 170 degrees. So it becomes easy for you to adjust the settings.

The important connectors like the USB 3.0 (x1) and USB 2.0 (x2), the HDMI and microphone jack along with the SD card reader make an excellent assembly of connectors. It provides you with all the possible options to connect your ultrabook to any other device. The status lights are placed at the front. So it is easy to spot them.

The keyboard is backlit. So working in low light conditions is also possible. Even the letters are backlit. That is why it should be a preferred gadget as the backlit keyboard is a big positive. Overall, they keyboard is fine. However, the mould could be prone to easy damage where the keys are placed. The trackpad performs fine. However, the mouse keys can give you sore fingers at the end of the day. Another terrible thing about the ultrabook is that when you are charging it, the trackpad does not respond.

CPU and Processor
The Toshiba U840 ultrabook is built with Core i5-3317U CPU. The processing speed of the CPU is 1.7 GHz. However, if there is the turbo frequency, the speed can reach up to 2.6 Ghz.

There comes the 4GB of RAM stick with the Toshiba U840 ultrabook. The good thing is that you still have one slot free. This can help in increasing the memory up to 8 GB. As far as the main storage is concerned, the ultrabook is blessed with a storage capacity of 500GB of hard drive. There is also the 32GB for caching as well.

The screen of the Toshiba U840 ultrabook is a 14” wonder. It is a backlit screen that is sufficiently bright to be able to help you in working in low light conditions. The resolution of the screen is 1366 X 768. It might seem too promising but certainly is not bad either given the size. There is the HD 4000 Intel graphics card. With it, you can view HD videos as well as play games.

Operating system
The operating system in the Toshiba U840 ultrabook is Windows 7. It uses the Home Premium 64-bit version.

The ultrabook is built with Li-Ion battery. The company promises that it will give you a backup of a whopping 7 hours. That is really tremendous. The battery contains 6 cells.
The dimensions (W x D x H) of the ultrabook are 340 mm x 232 mm x 32.5 mm.

The final word…
Though there are some really wonderful features for the Toshiba ultrabook, there are some negatives as well that put a question mark in the minds of the buyers.


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