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Effective Blogging Tips: Make a stable blog

July 16, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.75   Views: 1158

Follow these useful tips and start blogging now, also make your blog more stable.


Blogging is one great option we have, using which we can do many good things like expressing our self, advertising and many more. Means we can use blog service for multiple purposes. This article is all about this blogging. From this article you will get all information about how you can start blogging, what can you do to make it better, and what you need to do after you complete your blog. So this is complete package for all who needs to start blogging or who are already blogging and need to improve in it. I am not saying all the things can works perfectly for you, but I am writing all these from my own blogging experience, and it will help you less or more. So let’s start it now.

Tips for the starters:

First think about subject of blog : Well, if you have decided to go for blogging, then first you need to decide about subject of your blog. Means on which subject you want to make your blog. Well, for this thing you don’t need to follow anyone and no need to go for any famous subject. I will advise you to go for the subject in which you are interested. Yes, this is an important thing. You should always go for subject which you like because like this way you will able to write more on that blog and as it is your interest related you will feel never bored during your blogging session. So don’t think about which subject is more popular, think about in which subject you are interested.

Platform for your blog : Now subject department is over, now it’s time for choosing platform of your blog. You can go for any famous and free blogging platform. Free because no need to go for any paid service in the starting, and there are few good free services which is giving really good features for blogging. There are many but I will advise you to go for www.blogger.com, (Blogger) a blogging service by Google. This is really good blogging service for the starters, for managing our blog with many good features. This is my personal opinion, you can go for any other service too which you like, it’s your decision.

Selecting Template : Now we have decided about subject and platform about our blog. Now it’s time for choosing design of our blog. This is important section, actually we can go for any template we like, but it will be better if we go for template which is related to our blog subject. This will give you good impression to your blog viewers. If you have selected blogger as your blogging platform, then they are having some good default templates which are good for any blogging subject. You can choose any one you like, but if you are interested in more cool templates than you can refer btemplates site. Just search btemplates in Google search and you will get the site easily.

Title and Description of Blog : Now before we move towards the posting section, we need to set title and description of the blog. Choose a good title for your blog which should be related to your blog subject. Now go for detailed description. It is important to give description for your blog. You must describe your blog subject to your viewers and tell them that what this blog is all about. So never forget to give description of your blog. Take your own time to fill that section.

Let’s start posting : So now we have completed all parts to setup our blog. Now it is time to make our first post. Go for it and express yourself properly.

Now before publishing your blog posts, you need to concentrate on few things. You need to concentrate on your writing style. You don’t need to write all things in just one paragraph, write down your article or other thing with proper paragraphing so that viewers can read them more easily. Choose proper fonts for your post and make font bold (highlight) for important things in your post. You can also change the color of subtitles of your post, so it will look more clear and it will give good look to your post. If you think that you can add image for particular post which can be helpful to viewers then go ahead, you should never forget to add such images into posts. If any post needed some outgoing link to some important source of information, then go ahead and put them into post. So these are important things you must remember before publishing each posts in your blog. Follow all these things for your all posts.

Keep Posting : Now after starting blog and posting your few posts, it is not the meaning that you have done with your blog work. You need to be active on your blog, and actively keep posting new and interesting posts on your blog. More posts you have mean it will bring your more traffic. And traffic is most important thing for any blog, as there is meaning of having blog which having no viewers. So never put your blog in complete inactive mode. I mean even you don’t having more time on it, you can keep posting new post whenever you get time. This will give your viewers new things and they will not lose their interest from your blog.

So this is all about for those who are thinking about starting blog or for those who are still newbie in blogging. By following above information any one can make strong blog with hard work. Now let’s see about few important things using which we can attract our viewers.

Tips for making your blog on second level: (above starter)

Now we already have covered the blog starter section above. Now we move towards another level. Here we learn how we can attract our users, and force them to spend more time on our blog. We will also learn some other interesting things related to the same.

Writing Style : I have already explained this thing in posting section that we should concentrate on our writing style. By changing our writing style we can make our blog’s look cooler. No need to explain that stuff again, just scroll the page above and read the posting section again for the same thing.

Sharing Buttons : If you having good content on your site, so it is important that all people came to know about it. So these sharing buttons are quite important. With help of these buttons your viewers can easily share your content on famous social sites and other sharing sites, so that they can promote your posts with their friends and family. So if you are not having such feature on your blog, then you are missing an important thing. Let your viewers promote your blog for you. This can bring you lots of traffic on your blog.

Keep changing your blog template : This is not the necessary thing, but sometimes your viewers can get bored with same design of your blog. For this reason you can lose your regular viewers because of their lack of interest, so by giving them some new fresh design and look, can boost up their interest towards your blog again. No need to change it again and again, you can follow this idea once a while when you think it is good time for the same thing.

Few extra gadgets : Well, you can always put some extra gadgets to attract your viewers. You can put something like polling system related to your postings, like this way your viewers will get something new to spend more time on your blog. And also it will give you idea which content is more famous among your viewers, so that you can work more on them. You can also put something like chat box, so that your viewers can chat with other viewers or with you about some topic. Like this way also those viewers will spend more time on your blog. So more time they spend on your blog it is more good for your blog.

Contacting information : Put some contact information like your email address, so that they can easily contact with you regarding few stuffs related to your blog. You can also get some good ideas from viewers about your blog. So it is always good to have some contacting information on your blog. You can also put some contacting form on your blog, so that they can directly writing anything to you.

You can go for your own domain name : Now if your blog is doing well already, then you can go for your own personal domain name for your blog. Just choose domain name which is good and related to your blog and go for it. Let me tell you it is not necessary, but this can surely give you some extra benefits for you. You can search about benefits of having personal domain name for blog on Google. I don’t want to make this thing more lengthy.

So this is it. These are all important tips to start your first blog, and make it even better. So if you are interested go for it. I hope this information will be help you to make your blog more stable. Best of luck.

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