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Women Power Increasing in This Changing Times

July 16, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 9   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 696

Women are fighting for equality right since very long time, but now that women are shining in almost all fields, coming times might also witness men and women playing together in a team !


Women Gaining Popularity

Time of men domination seems to be declining now as women all over the world are inching higher in almost every field. Though it is also a welcome sign, men have to come up with increased performance. It is really good to see women gaining popularity with strong performance in sports, politics and in many other fields. Now the time of fighting for their rights seems to be over as they will try to get what they want on their own. It will not be a surprise if women can beat men in some of the sports events as they have proved their domination in some of the sports events and it just seems that some women can beat some of the top men stars now. Although it is just a beginning now, coming times might witness some unimaginable performance by women which has to be welcomed by everybody here. Men are still not aware of this future competition which might hit them
surprisingly and also it will hit then hard for sure.

Men Playing With Women as a Team !

If women can dominate some of the sports events or if they can at least match men power, time is not far in seeing men and women playing together as a team ! In olden day's women were considered weaker sector as men weer dominating and in turn women had to fight for their rights. Now the things have started changing slowly as women are gaining significance and their importance is felt in almost every field now. Though in some fields it might take some more time for them to show their power, other fields are showing lots of huge improvements in them which itself is an assurance for bright future for them. If everything goes right for women in coming day's we could even witness women competing with men and also men and women play in the same team while representing their country. Nothing remains permanent in this world except changes and so even this men dominance also will be over and we could witness women taking over. It will be really nice to see men and women playing
together as a team for a change.


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